Xponential Health introduces Apple Watch integration to supply an enhanced member expertise


IRVINE, Calif., March 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Xponential Fitness, the world’s largest curator of boutique fitness brands, announced today that it is providing an enhanced gym experience by using Apple Watch technology for all eight brands, including Pure Barre, Club Pilates, CycleBar and YogaSix , StretchLab, Row House, AKT and STRIDE. This fully integrated experience allows Xponential members and guests using Apple Watch to view upcoming classes, check-in to class, participate in the Earn Your Watch challenge, and most importantly, track real-time performance metrics. Xponential Fitness is excited to add Apple Watch integration to its large membership base, highlighting its continued leadership position in the industry.

Each Xponential brand’s app is built right into the Apple Watch, so users can receive notifications for upcoming classes, deviate from a class waiting list, class reminders, and celebration notifications for milestones achieved.

Users can also check in contactlessly, which is very appropriate in a post-pandemic era. Members also have the option to regain their Apple Watch value by taking part in the Earn Your Watch challenge by taking courses at Studio1.

The classes of each brand are especially exciting for consumers who focus on metrics. They allow consumers to track and share their personal performance data for classes in the studio through the Apple Health app, which can also add to their daily activity rings on the Apple Watch. The measured performance data include active time, calorie consumption, heart rate and average blood pressure.

“Providing a premium membership experience remains our number one priority for all Xponential Fitness brands. The introduction of this integration with Apple Watch is an exciting opportunity to bring our large iOS membership base an enhanced in-studio experience while using incredible technology that Apple developed. ” said Sarah Luna |, President of Xponential Fitness. “As our users become increasingly data and goal-centric, this technology will continue to enable us to combine the best of the best workout experiences across all areas of boutique fitness.”

This announcement marks another milestone in a breakthrough year for Xponential. Last spring, Xponential launched its proprietary streaming platform GO for all eight brands and entered into partnerships with fitness giants such as ClassPass and, most recently, the national healthcare provider UnitedHealthCare. When it comes to physical locations, Xponential is the largest provider in the boutique fitness industry with over 1700 studios worldwide. For more information on integrating each brand with Apple Watch, visit the brand’s website.


Founded in 2017 by Anthony GeislerXponential Fitness has built and curated a diversified platform of eight disruptive boutique fitness brands spanning across fitness and wellness industries – including Pilates, indoor cycling, stretch, rowing, dancing, running, and yoga. Currently, Xponential Fitness Club’s portfolio of brands includes Pilates, the largest Pilates brand in the country. CycleBar, the nation’s largest indoor cycling brand; StretchLab, a concept that offers individual stretching services and group stretching services; Row House, a high-energy, low-impact rowing exercise for indoor use; AKT, a dance-based cardio workout that combines toning, interval and circuit training and was developed by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser; YogaSix, a modern boutique yoga brand; Pure Barre, a full-body workout in which small isometric movements are performed with the ballet barre. and most recently STRIDE, a cardio and strength training concept based on a treadmill. Visit www.xponential.com to learn more.

1 Up to the value of $ 199 and in participating studios.

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