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Irvine, California., June 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Xponential Fitness, a curator of leading boutique fitness brands, today announced promising first year growth figures for its streaming platform, WALK, since the online subscription service launched last spring. Brands within the Xponential Fitness family include Club Pilates, Pure Barre, CycleBar, StretchLab, Row House, YogaSix, AKT, and STRIDE, all of which have a unique GO platform accessed through each brand’s individual apps . For the past 12 months, GO has added and reported on video, audio, recreational and even lifestyle content 1.1M Streams have been completed by users. There are currently more than 2,200 online workout courses available in the GO library and that number is growing every week.

Last November, Xponential announced the debut of the XPRO team on GO, a diverse, highly qualified team of fitness and wellness experts who lead GO’s live and on-demand workouts. Six new XPROs have been added to the list since the announcement, including Lee Jimenez for YogaSix; Kelly Collins and Lauren Reid for STEP; Stevie Vladic for CycleBar; and Victoria Popoff and Allyson Gottfried for Club Pilates, bringing the total to 25 since GO was introduced.

“We are very excited that GO is as successful as it was in its first year of operation and we are very proud to see how well it complements our world-class studio experience,” said Garrett Marshall, President for Streaming Fitness at Xponential Fitness. “With the world reopening, Xponential is in a unique position to have the best of both worlds in the boutique fitness industry with our diverse range of premium fitness brands and the ability to do what you want, when and where you want.”

After a year of downtime, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch of GO Xponential has helped strengthen its digital presence and stay competitive in the fast-growing world of virtual fitness. GO offers an extension of each brand’s premium experience to complement Xponential’s premium workout experiences in the studio. Members receive quality workouts from Xponential Studios that are tailored to suit their home, office, and on-the-go settings.

GO subscribers have access to thousands of hours of fitness content from Xponential Fitness brands, including a variety of third-party content from aaptiv and HyperIce thanks to several partnerships secured last year. Go365, Zeamo and Class Pass members also have access to GO content through Xponential’s strategic partnership with these brands. Designed by the same team of passionate education and fitness experts who develop Xponentials in-studio workouts, courses range from 10 to 90 minutes and cover all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. Some courses require equipment that can range from blocks or light weights for YogaSix GO to a stationary bike for CycleBar GO. New material is added every week, along with a robust schedule of live classes.

GO subscriptions range from $ 19.99 to $ 29.99 one month per brand. For more information, visit www.xponential.com/go.


Founded in 2017 by Anthony Geisler, Xponential Fitness has built and curated a diversified platform of nine boutique fitness brands that cover all fitness and wellness verticals – including pilates, indoor cycling, barre, stretch, rowing, dancing, boxing, running, and yoga. Currently, Xponential Fitness Club’s portfolio of brands includes Pilates, the largest Pilates brand in the country; CycleBar, the country’s largest indoor cycling brand; StretchLab, a concept that offers individual stretch services and group stretch services; Row House, a high-energy, gentle indoor rowing workout; AKT, a dance-based cardio workout that combines muscle building, interval and circuit training, developed by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser; YogaSix, a modern boutique yoga brand; Pure Barre, a full-body workout that uses the ballet bar to perform small isometric movements; STRIDE, a treadmill-based cardio and strength training concept; and most recently Rumble, a boxing-inspired full-body workout that offers 45-minute, 10-lap full-body strength and conditioning training based on specially developed, water-filled drop-style punching bags.

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