With these boiling capsules you’ll be able to simply cook dinner and pressure greens, eggs and pasta


You may have seen a similar-looking device in ramen shops where chefs cook noodles in cylindrical sieve trays so that they can easily prepare multiple servings in the same pot of boiling water and then scoop out the noodles when it’s done. Or maybe you’ve seen an equivalent in your daily dinner, as the cook uses an immersion deep fryer to make french fries or onion rings. The Trebonn Cookin’Pods bring a similar cooking experience to your own home. The Cookin’Pods are designed so that you can boil pasta, vegetables, or even eggs in water without having to fish with a slotted spoon for later retrieval. They rest right on the edge of your pot with the bottom submerged in the water. When you need to take your food out, just grab a pair of gloves and pull out the Cookin’Pods. The pods automatically load your food in a split second, saving you time and effort.

The Cookin’Pods have a certain level of convenience, but their biggest advantage is their ability to easily divide your kitchen. Imagine having to cook pasta in boiling water and blanch vegetables. While under normal circumstances you would need two separate pots to prepare the two different foods, Cookin’Pods let you get it all right in one pot of boiling water. Just add the pasta in one pod and the vegetables in the other. Not only does the pods allow you to cook both of them separately at the same time, but you can also take them both out when they’re done – something that would be impossible if your veggies and pasta were all tossed in the same pot!

The colorful Cookin’Pods are made of a thermosetting plastic that can withstand high temperatures. The Cookin’Pods are only to be used in water (you cannot immerse them in hot oil). Trebonn recommends not using them on a gas burner with a high flame if the bowls warp from the heat. Even though they’re not made of metal, the Cookin’Pods get hot. When taking them out of the pot, it is best to use pot holders to hold their handles.

Designer: Rich Clough for Trebonn