What is the Wisely ADP Card?


Workers deserve the financial control and support they need. With online banking, workers can avoid the hassle of writing checks and be able to manage their money wherever and whenever they want. It’s free to sign up, no hidden charges, and there is no credit check required. Employees now have the right to:

Wisely ADP Card Benefits

Get early direct deposit

Receive your payment up to two days ahead of schedule with direct deposit.

Shop for and Pay Your Bills

When you add Wisely as a mobile wallet, you can pay in one touch. Compatible with Apple Pay(r), Google PayTM, and Samsung Pay(r).

Receive cash

Spend at the top retailers to get surcharge-free ATM withdrawals from tens of thousands nationwide ATM locations.

Your savings will grow

With the app, anyone can save money at their pace and according to their schedule6.

Manage your money

Keep track of their account balances and categorize expenditures so they can see where money is going.

Make sure they have their account

The cardholder will be able to see their balance and know that fraud is not possible (in case the card is stolen or lost). There are also other security features like instant card lock. Purchase protection. Travel alert notifications.

How do I activate My New Wisely Card

Wisely Pay card cardholders can activate their card instantly at activateWisely.com oder by calling 1-866-313-9101

How can I check my Balance Activate Wisely?

Use the myWisely app to check your balance or log in online at myWisely.com to see transaction history, locate ATMs near you, see spending trends, etc.

You can access your card account online, or via your phone from anywhere, at any time.

You can also set-up email and/or text alerts7 which include low balance notifications at any amount that you decide.

How can I get money using my debit card?

There are many options. ATMs. There are millions of ATMs all over the globe that allow you to withdraw cash. Additionally, there are 80,000 ATMs in the US that offer cash withdrawals without surcharges. Log in to myWisely and find surcharge-free ATMs throughout your area.

You can withdraw all of your money from any participating bank. Let the teller know that you would like to perform an over-the–counter transaction. Tell them the amount. You might be asked to provide your ID. Find out which banks are participating here.

You can access cash at any of the US Walmart checkout counters and make no purchases.