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That’s Beijing Lifestyle Awards 2021 are just around the corner!

From Monday, August 2 to Sunday, August 8, at midnight, you have the chance to vote for the lifestyle kings of the queens of the capital.

Here’s a quick reminder of the categories:

Health, beauty and fitness

  • Massage Spa of the Year

  • Hair Salon of the Year

  • Excellent beauty clinic

  • Excellent dental care

  • Excellent health service

  • Yoga / Pilates Studio of the Year

  • Outstanding Gym of the Year

Life & style

  • Shopping destination of the year

  • Boutique Hotel of the Year

  • Mandarin School of the Year

  • Cultural center of the year

  • Housing agency of the year

  • Live music location of the year

  • Nightlife Promoter of the Year

Make sure you have a say in Beijing’s best lifestyle.

How to vote

Vote now by following us on WeChat, what you can do by scanning the QR code below:

After you’ve added our account, tap “Vote!” Button at the bottom of the screen to start choosing your favorites:

Daily WeChat voting

From Monday, August 2nd, we will also carry out daily WeChat flash votes for selected categories on our account. You only have 48 hours to vote for each restricted voting category – so act fast!

I missed the WeChat Flash voting deadline!

Missed the deadline for voting on the daily WeChat posts? Just tap on “Vote!” at the bottom of our WeChat page where the polls are open 24/7! The deadline for voting is Sunday, August 8th. Submissions received later will not be counted.

I can’t see my favorite in the list! How can I vote for it?

Can’t see your favorite on our voting page? Written votes are accepted for each category – just scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your nominee in the open voting section:

Below are some photos from last year’s award ceremony:

Lifestyle Awards.jpeg

Lifestyle Awards.jpeg

Lifestyle Awards.jpeg

Lifestyle Awards.jpeg

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