Vivaspa Neck and Shoulder Massager Review


In this Vivaspa neck and shoulder massager review you will learn how to massage away your muscle tensions through this product while taking into account its portability and overall features. With a leather pouch and hand-mimicking massaging nodes, the Vivaspa percussion massager has both heat and vibration features to help ease knots in the neck and shoulders. 

It also has a timer setting for a more customizable massage. And, with a rechargeable battery, this product is convenient to use on the go.

Vivaspa Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Highlights

Choose from 3 massage speed settings

8 massage nodes

Gentle warmth to prevent sweat build-up

Use on neck, shoulder, back, thighs, calves



Choose clockwise or counter-clockwise rotations


Ergonomic design – contours to the shape of your body 

Perfect gift item

Has multipurpose handle belts for your arms to adjust the massaging pillow during massages to get the right pressure and keep the massager still 

Compare the Vivaspa Shiatus Neck and Shoulder Massager with the Vivitar Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massager on Amazon.  The product has 30 reviews and 63% of customers rated it 5 stars – click to read reviews!!

The Vivaspa deep kneading back massager with heat comes with an AC adapter and car charger. It also has a carrying case for easy portability. It comes with a heating feature, which boosts its intensity and relieves pain in trigger points on the back and neck. This device is a good choice for those who want a full-body massage but can’t find one at home.

The Vivaspa back neck and shoulder massager has eight massage roller balls for powerful massage. This device comes with two speed settings and an infrared heat option. The package comes with a carrying case, in-car charger, and wall adapter. It is recommended for users with back, shoulder, or neck pain. It is best used in the home, but it also works well in the car.

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