Vines residents concern that the lifestyle of a golf resort is threatened


Residents of The Vines are disappointed with a plan to redevelop Swan Valley Golf Course, which will remove 15 acres of greenery to make way for hundreds of additional homes.

The plans are currently in a seven-week consultation phase, during which residents can submit proposals.

Vines-resident Jo said locals were afraid they might lose their lifestyle.

“They were sold to have a golf resort lifestyle and now they will be looking for a lot of planning for housing,” she said.

“They paid top prices on golf course properties, and unfortunately those golf course properties are not going to be worth as much as they paid for them.

“These people are very upset.”

Planning consultant Tim Trefry said the plan includes much-needed upgrades to the facilities.

“The Vines WA is taking this opportunity to look into the future of vines for the next 30 years,” he said.

“And the current facilities need to be modernized.

“One of the options is to convert the nine holes into an apartment, but at the same time introduce some hiking trails and open spaces.”

The consultation phase is expected to last until July.

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(Photo: The Vines Neighborhood Watch / Facebook.)