Used cooking oil recycled to biodiesel: Meals security officer



The Food Safety Department organized a meeting with the roadside restaurant owners to educate them not to be hygienic when preparing food and to avoid reusing the cooking oil, which would cause health problems. He called on the local owners not to prepare food outside, to avoid the use of dyes, to dispose of waste safely and to ensure that hats, aprons, gloves and masks are worn in the restaurants.

While speaking with reporters, the food safety officer said a clean street food center was being set up in Tiruchy, which would ensure healthy and safe food preparation and distribution. “We have raided the entire district and taken action against those who violate the norms. In the past three months, we have cordoned off up to 125 stores, ” said the official.

He also said the department had initiated random checks on the tea powder used in the stalls and had confiscated the substandard tea powder.

As a major initiative, we have planned to distribute a can to all restaurants to preserve the used cooking oil. “This way, the collected waste oil would be sourced and recycled into biodiesel, and this step would avoid reusing cooking oil,” said Ramesh Babu.