Tushar Kamble, a style and lifestyle influencer and IT skilled from Dubai


Tushar Yuvraj Kamble is an IT Expert Professional in Dubai, an inbound IT security and online platform that helps companies protect their data. When he reached over 100,000 followers on his Instagram, an almost impossible dream came true for this young man from a middle-class family in Mumbai. Today Tushar is a successful tech consultant, popular lifestyle blogger and sought-after Indian influencer in Dubai.

With over 12 years of experience in IT securities and photography, Tushar Kamble is an established IT professional in Dubai. However, his path from struggling techie who lived in a chawl in Mumbai to IT consultant in the great city of Dubai was a challenge.

Tushar was born and raised in a lower-middle-class family in Mumbai. His date of birth is August 2, 1988, Mumbai. After graduating in IT, he worked in the hospitality IT department in India. Here he started from scratch, worked for almost six years and gained a lot of experience. In the meantime he also pursued his passion for photography. One of his father’s most memorable gifts is a Canon camera, which he started clicking pictures with and which continues his passion for photography to this day.

During his stay in India, he was given the opportunity to work in Dubai, which he willingly accepted despite much criticism from friends and family. But to pursue his dreams and learn something new, Tushar accepted the challenge and went to Dubai to broaden his horizons in the IT industry. Today his name is considered one of the best experts on security and other factors in IT in Dubai.

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