Tik Tok Star Chef Nathan Lyons: Funds Meals Hacks


For families feeling the financial plight of the pandemic, food sensation at Tik Tok and cookbook author Nathan Lyons has two suggestions.

For families feeling the financial plight of the pandemic, Tik Tok food sensation and cookbook author Nathan Lyons has two suggestions – Devon and Roast Chook.

The transport worker behind the kooking with a koori handle has earned cult status with his budget-friendly recipes, and says it’s not uncommon for him to cook a meal to feed his wife and six children for less than $ 10.

Mr Lyons’ tik tok fame came unexpectedly late last year after he posted a video while he was making corned beef for dinner. Cooking with a Koori has garnered nearly 150,000 followers since then, leading to the recent publication of a cookbook of the same name.

According to Lyons, money is not a problem to prepare a tasty, filling meal during troubled times, and he uses simple tricks such as enhancing the flavors with Keens curry powder.

As one of four siblings raised by a single mother in an apartment in Glebe, Mr. Lyons picked up his mother’s tricks for making tasty, simple, budget-friendly meals and helped her cook avoid washing up.

“Money was tight, so I learned to look for specials from an early age,” he said.

Born in the mid-1980s, Mr Lyons grew up at a time when Devon was more served than Parma ham on a sausage board, and an iconic TV commercial suggested that a roast was better than a date with Tom Cruise.

While today’s proliferation of cooking shows has inspired many amateur chefs to improve their game, he believes they can make cooking seem elitist and complicated too. “What I’m trying to do is get it back to basics,” he said. “Food is there for eating, not to be placed on the mantelpiece.”

As a Wiradjuri man, Mr Lyons describes his style of cooking as indigenous Australian soul food and says there are few meals as affordable and comforting as Devon, which is topped with sliced ​​cheese and grilled on the grill, or a Sunday roast.

“I haven’t seen my mom lockdown in months, and I really long for that Sunday roast,” he said. “It could be a 45 degree day, but you’ll still be waiting for it to come out of the oven. It’s the smell that brings you back. “

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