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Tried new recipe: My favorite food is crab biscuit. We didn’t have any dinner plans so I went on google and searched for crab cakes. I found a recipe and it looked really good. It was.

Artworks: Cooking or baking can be fun and messy. I love to bake for two reasons: one, you can try different recipes of the same thing, and the other, because you’re getting a dessert. I think cooking and baking are beautiful works of art and you can make your food look like anything and everything!

Presentation: I love to cook and bake because I like to decorate things. My parents always said that I have a creative mind and that I can make things up and make them. My favorite part of this is the presentation, the cleanliness, and the beautiful appearance. When I grow up, I want to be a baker and run my own bakery in Florida.

Wanna be like mom: My favorite food is rabbit and corn on the cob. My favorite thing my mom does for me is mac and cheese. I wish I could cook things like my mother did. In December, my mom and I like to bake cookies together. I love my mom so much.

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Special: I like my apple biscuit crunch. It is so easy. I’ll show you how to do it. First, take an apple and cut it open. Next you get a biscuit. Then peel off the peel of the apple. Then, get your biscuit and crumble it and put it in the refrigerator for five minutes. Then eat it.

Norwegian bread: I like to cook food. I like to cook and bake for and with my family. My favorite food is julekage (pronounced u-le-ka-ga), a Norwegian bread.

Dad cooks: My dad cooks the best steak.

Vacation Chef: I love to bake. I did most of the Thanksgiving dinner. I made Spice Cakes, Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars, Seasoned Carrots, Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Apple Chips, and Turkey Cheese Ball Appetizer.

Lots of favorites: I love to eat. My favorite foods are: bacon, pears, all kinds of bread, turkey, chicken, etc. I can’t cook.

Likes cheesy, hot: My favorite food is Fettuccine Alfredo. I like it because I like the cheesy taste. My father prefers to cook tacos. He just kinda spices the meat. And my last favorite food is Mexican food. I love it because I like spicy food.

Pizza is best: I love to eat. My favorite food is pizza. I love how it melted cheese with hot peppers. I love how they mix so well. I think pizza is the best food because it can have any topping. My favorite pizza is the four meat pizza because it has a lot of meat that I like. The meat is ham, hot peppers, sausage and bacon.

Best bread: I have high five magazines. One of them features a pumpkin bread recipe. My biggest is pumpkin bread. There are chocolate chips inside. It’s delicious.


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Good texture: My favorite food is Annie’s macaroni. It’s my favorite because I like the texture. I also like it because it has good cheese. My favorite is white cheddar bowls.

Favourite: I want spaghetti and meatballs.

Special treatment: My mom and I love making what I call fly pasta. The ingredients are cheese, sugar snap peas, pasta, meat, salt, hot water and even more vegetables. Bowtie pasta is my favorite food, but I don’t get it too often. That makes it special to do with my mother.

Good cooks: My mom and dad are pizza workers and they are really good cooks. My mother cooks at home. She makes the best chicken. Sometimes my father cooks. I want to help them eat too, but I’m too small, they say. But I know that I am old enough now.

Loves the smells: I love cooking because it’s fun to do with family. My favorite part about cooking is the smell. Do you like to cook?

It always turns out: My favorite food is an apple, but my favorite thing is to bake brownies. Brownies are super easy to bake when you have my mom’s recipe. The recipe is super easy to bake and always works perfectly.

Flavors: My favorite food is a bacon burger and mozzarella sticks from Buffalo Wild Wings. I like this dish because it’s a great combination of flavors. I like the mozzarella sticks because they’re so cheesy. I like the burger because it has a great combination of flavor and seasoning.

Amazing Recipe: My favorite food for cooking and eating is my family’s spaghetti and meat sauce. My great grandfather got the recipe from an old Chicago Cubs player. Everything about it is amazing, even the smallest details like garlic or basil or oregano. It is by far my favorite food.

With grandma: My favorite food is taco bell. Tacos taste good. I love to help make devilish eggs. I like to make devil eggs with my grandma.

Delicious dessert: I made a new dessert that I call chocolate soup. It is very good. I did it for my friend Ashley when she was sick. I do it for you today. I will test it for you. It’s so delicious that I could eat it all day. Ashley will love it.

Bacon: I love to cook bacon. I love the way bacon sizzles and makes cool noises. I love turning the bacon. It’s so satisfying.

Eats meat: I eat turkey on Thanksgiving. And I eat chicken and cheesecake.