This Scandinavian-inspired caravan, designed for a minimal cell lifestyle, gives the final word outside expertise!


The new Maxia caravan from Hobby takes up Scandinavian design to combine the mobile lifestyle with hygge living and to create a caravan that feels like your own private luxury city apartment on wheels.

The mobile lifestyle is everything that concerns us nowadays. Leaving the monotony of our routine behind and heading to our favorite campsite or even across the country sounds like the vacation we’re all looking for. On the back of its Beachy caravan, Hobby, the world’s largest caravan maker, has launched its Scandinavian-inspired Maxia caravan that feels like driving in your own mobile city apartment.

The exterior of the Maxia maintains the traditional look of a caravan, but smooths its edges and rounds its windows to give the caravan an upscale, flavorful look. The front window of the Maxia slopes down from the roof of the caravan on the curved front facade, extends the feeling of the interior and offers a better view of the outside through the double-pane panoramic window. With the aim of transforming their caravans into “the most beautiful places in the world”, Hobby Maxia designed hygge-like living and equipped the interior with comfort and simplicity. Available in two different lengths that inspire two different floor plans, Maxia 660 WQM is the longer of the two and can accommodate up to four adults with fully equipped kitchen and bathroom areas.

The double pane panoramic window frames the L-shaped kitchen of the caravan, where you can do everything you need in the kitchen of your house, including a hob with gas hob and sink. The kitchen is also equipped with a 157-liter compressor refrigerator from Dometic, a stainless steel sink, a swiveling corner cabinet, push-lock drawers and even a multifunctional rear wall. A U-shaped sofa transforms from the kitchen into the living area and transforms into a bed for additional sleeping arrangements at night and functions as a dining area for eating, hanging out or working during the day. The living area mainly houses the storage compartments of the caravan, fills benches and cupboards with plenty of storage space, seating and even a heated cloakroom.

With an open floor plan that offers plenty of movement and living space, the main sleeping area is hidden towards the rear of the caravan, just in front of the bathroom, for a little more privacy. In the bedroom there is a spacious, firm spring mattress, which is positioned on a sturdy bed frame made of beech wood, which offers more storage space underneath and is accessible via a Lift-O-Mat, which lifts the mattress to free up storage space under the bed.

In addition to the open floor plan and the Scandinavian-inspired design, Maxia offers a range of intelligent devices and useful facilities that make the holiday on the road even more pleasant, including a complete electrical system, Truma Combi heater / water heater, 47-L fresh water tank, 23.5 L removable, rollable waste water tank and Hobby Connect touchscreen and app-based control and monitoring system.

Designer: Hobby

Hobby stuck to a more traditional exterior for Maxia, smoothing the edges and lengthening the windows for a more upscale, sophisticated look.

Lots of natural sunlight falls through the Maxia’s double-glazed windows during the day.

The bathroom offers even more storage space and is fully equipped with a THETFORD rotating toilet.

The sofas and dining benches are plush, yet easy to maneuver to convert from sofa to bed until late at night.

The dining area serves as a work and living area during the day and offers plenty of space to relax and unwind.