This lifestyle brand promotes conscious consumption


Gupta promotes a more responsible and sustainable way of life

The Slow Farm in Bangalore is an abbreviation for “sustainable”, “local”, “organic” and “healthy” and is based on the premise of living mindfully and consciously. Founded by former investment banker Reema Gupta, who pioneered this idea almost seven years ago, this could be the year it shines as the philosophy of slowness becomes more relevant than ever. As a practical, responsible type of eco-entrepreneur who is not afraid to get her hands dirty, she shares a connection with nature: “Nature has always been my go-to, a place to heal.”

Gupta also promotes a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle. One of their greatest challenges – and goals – is plastic-free packaging. Due to the difficulty of transporting perishable goods without them, some products (such as cold-pressed oils, seasonal fruits, free-range vegetables and eggs) are only sold directly to local customers. The rest is available online. One of the highlights is the Ahimsa honey (no bees were injured during its production!); an all-purpose skin healing balm (one of their bestsellers); Organic cotton bed linen; and a minimalist set of handcrafted, locally made bamboo tongs (picture).

Fifty percent of the sales proceeds go back to the small businesses of the family company in Uttarakhand and Karnataka, where household, lifestyle, beauty and skin care products as well as spices and fresh products are made – all organic, all sustainable and above all all heart. After a year’s garbage fire in 2020, 2021 has to be a year of healing, and there’s no better way to do it than with a local brand that both embraces and gives back to nature.


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