The US boiling leaked Covid-19 principle within the laboratory is just not serving to the world


LETTER | After Donald Trump was defeated by Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential election, the world celebrated thinking that the “cold war” between the US and China could be eased.

We couldn’t be more wrong. The Biden government continues to follow the narrative “the origins of Covid-19” in order to arm it against Beijing.

But after 90 days of investigation, the best US intelligence agencies could not find any evidence to support the Wuhan laboratory’s leak theory.

Washington again blames Beijing’s alleged lack of cooperation in sharing critical data with US officials without providing conclusive evidence.

On the contrary, China has claimed that multiple accounts point to a U.S. Army bio-laboratory as a possible source of Covid-19.

Now, after Iraq and Afghanistan, is it China’s turn to face the false allegations made by the US?

The US government has a long history of shaping other nations to fit its political agenda. Iraq was one of the unfortunate victims.

To cover up the 9/11 incident, the Bush administration hypothesized that Saddam Hussein’s regime developed weapons of mass destruction in 2003.

The US-led coalition invaded Iraq without the approval of the United Nations. Millions of the Iraqi people died under the bogus theory of mass destruction. Thousands of patriotic US soldiers perished as a result of the falsified theory of mass destruction.

Ultimate embarrassment

Eighteen years later, the United States found itself extremely embarrassed again, this time in Afghanistan.

China is an appropriate target that can be accused of shifting domestic political pressure on the Biden government because it failed to prevent the Taliban from conquering Kabul.

Politics would not help solve the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, it would heighten distrust among nations about what is the last thing the world needs to fight the virus.

Although Biden promised that the US would once again be an arsenal of vaccines for other countries – a modified quote from his predecessor Franklin D. Roosevelt in World War II, we did not see Washington spearheading vaccine dissemination.

America first is still Washington’s priority, as evidenced by vaccine stocks.

In contrast, China has deployed huge amounts of vaccines in developing countries that are not covered by the western world.

Millions of Sinovac, Sinopharm and CanSino doses are injected into individuals from the underserved population every day. Millions of them are protected from the virus.

Multilateralism saves lives. Conspiracy theories kill civilizations.

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