The mother’s meal prepares six dinners in just 15 minutes, making weekday cooking a breeze


Finding the time to prepare dinner during the week, in addition to full-time work and homeschooling, is certainly a real dilemma for some.

But one savvy mother has shown how to prepare meals for the whole week in just 15 minutes on a Sunday.


The mother shared how she prepared six meals in just 15 minutesPhoto credit: Facebook

The Australian mother said she would only spend 15 minutes in the kitchen every Sunday chopping vegetables and bagging them for cooking during the week.

She then neatly arranges them in her freezer in perfectly labeled zip-lock bags so she knows exactly what meal to prepare.

The meals she prepares include chicken laksa, stir fry, the vegetables for spaghetti carbonara, chow mein, and spaghetti.

She shared her method on Facebook and other moms love the super simple idea. Many cannot believe that they can prepare so quickly.


Preparing meals is a great way to save time during the weekImage Credit: Reddit

“Food prep Sunday,” she wrote.

“15 minutes in the kitchen, chop the vegetables. Zip-lock bags and freezer.

“Thaw quickly and put in the pan. Handy for meals on weekdays!”

The post was seen and liked by thousands who agreed that it is definitely worth trying for yourself.

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Many thought this was a great way to avoid food waste and it obviously saves a lot of time during the week.

“Wow, that’s a great idea! Especially when it’s the end of the week and you have to hurry to use the veggies before they go bad!” one wrote.

While another woman said the mother was her “spirit animal” and thanked her for sharing,

Few wondered if the vegetables were durable as some, especially mushrooms, do not freeze well

The poster admitted, “They can be a little damp, but I don’t mind if my vegetables are soft. I can’t eat them crispy.”



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