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New York – The Duchess of Sussex’s first children’s book, Megan, is a multicultural tribute to fatherhood.

“Bench,” published Tuesday by Random House Children’s Books, celebrates Megan’s husband, Prince Harry, and son Archie, as well as the overall father-son bond. Markle’s rhythm story is complemented by watercolor paintings by illustrator Christian Robinson, from fair-skinned soldiers returning home (Harry serves in Afghanistan) to dark-skinned men in dreadrocks to boys playing soccer. A trophy for a boy and his father wearing a pink tutus depicting a family of different skin tones and backgrounds.

Fathers are considered companions, teachers, comforters, and cheerleaders. Random House calls this book a portrait of a “special relationship between father and son from the mother’s point of view”. The image of the bench serves as a symbol of stability and comfort. Harry starts with his baby’s son on the bench and two dogs nearby.

Markle’s opening stanza:

The cover of this book describes Megan, an actress formerly known as Megan Markle, as a “mother, wife, feminist, activist” who pledged to “revive compassion in communities around the world.” .. She currently lives in her home state of California with her family, two dogs, and an ever-growing herd of rescue dogs. In her announcement of “Bench” last month, she said it began as a Father’s Day poem written in 2019, one month after Archie’s birth.

“That poem became this story,” said Megan, who dedicated the book to “a man and a boy who got my heart pumping.”

“The Bench” was released four days after the couple’s second child, Lillibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten Windsor was born. It is named after Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (family nickname is Lillibet) and his late mother Princess. Diana. Megan was pregnant with Liribet while she was writing the book. The last picture shows a family chicken coop, now a toddler, Harry and Archie. Megan is standing on the opposite side in the courtyard, wearing a sun hat and holding a toddler in a sling.

You will “never be lonely”

Last year, Megan and Harry announced that they were giving up their royal obligations and moving to North America for their reasons, including the racist stance of the British media. In a television interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, they made a nervous comment about how dark the skin was before Archie was born, and Megan talked so intensely about isolation that she thought she was going to commit suicide.

So far, the British press has passed various judgments on your book. The Telegram referred to it as “The Duchess of Sussex’s Half-Lite Vanity Project,” and the Evening Standard called her letter “a little Schmaltz in places, but reassuring and loving”.

“The biggest statement Sussexes has made on the family comes from the line.” You will tell him, “I love you,” these words are always spoken. “Writes reviewer Emily Phillips in the Evening Standard. “Harry’s father, Prince Charles, is famous for saying what love means about his new bride, Diana, but Harry, like everyone else, tells his children it. It is said that they love her a million times a day.

The Duchess of Sussex’s “Bank” celebrates father and son | lifestyle

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