Taliban set lady on fireplace for unhealthy cooking: report


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A shocking incident came to light in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country.

A woman was set on fire by the Taliban for poor cooking, according to a Sky News report.

Najla Ayoubi, head of the coalition and global programs at Every Woman Treaty, told the media that several women were fleeing the country because of the Taliban and that she had to leave the country because of her vocal campaign for women’s rights in the country.

Ayoubi advocates violence against women.

According to media reports, although the Taliban are constantly speaking out in favor of women’s rights, their stance hardly changes.

Sky News reported on “bad behavior and violence against women”.

A US Marine escorts Afghan evacuees at Hamid Karzai International Airport. File / Reuters

Ayoubi said a woman was accused of poor cuisine by the Taliban and set on fire in the north of the country.

It was also learned that the Taliban are forcing people to cook for them, which shows aggression.

Ayoubi added that the Taliban are forcing some families to marry off their young daughters to the cadres.

UNHCR said Friday that most Afghans cannot leave their homes and that those who may be in danger “have no clear way out”.

Spokeswoman Shabia Mantoo urged neighboring countries to keep their borders open so that people can apply for asylum in the face of what she calls the “developing crisis”.


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“UNHCR remains concerned about the risk of human rights abuses against civilians in this developing context, including women and girls,” she told the media.

Many Afghans fear a return to harsh Taliban rule in the late 1990s, when the group largely locked women in their homes, banned television and music, cut off the hands of suspected thieves and carried out public executions.

There are disturbing footage circulating on social media of a family leading a toddler through the crowd at Kabul airport over the wall and into the arms of a US soldier.

The desperate measures taken by Afghans have shocked the world as Western nations hold dialogues about the country’s future.

The harrowing developments come as thousands of Afghans try to escape. According to reports, the Taliban are making it difficult for people to get to the airport.

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Thursday the UK could not evacuate unaccompanied children from Afghanistan in response to a question about another video clip showing a child being thrown over a wall at Kabul airport for British soldiers to take away .

An officer in the paratrooper regiment said some desperate mothers were fed up with the Taliban.

They threw the babies at us … some of the babies fell on the barbed wire. Most of us cried over the incident at night.

Earlier, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Thursday that around 400 Afghans working for the European Union and his family have been evacuated to Europe and another 300 are still trying to reach Kabul airport.

It is “our moral responsibility” to save as many Afghans as possible who work in the EU office in Afghanistan, but not all of them can leave.

The United Nations announced that it has begun evacuating some of its personnel from Afghanistan after hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers tried to flee their country after falling into the hands of the Taliban.

United Nations spokesman Stefan Dujarrik said that around 100 United Nations workers are being evacuated from Kabul to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Afghanistan came under Taliban control when the government collapsed, President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and thousands of desperate people rushed to Kabul airport to flee amid the chaos.

The sudden victory of the militants caused panic at the capital’s airport.