Startups like Tinychef, RoboChef and others use synthetic intelligence to make cooking simple


There’s been a surge of players in pizza automation and salad machines, but what sets RoboChef apart from others in the industry is its ability to cook everything from biryanis to pasta to full thali, desserts to soups and everything in between. Varachhia can only agree with how much movement there is in the area of ​​automatic cooking solutions. “Moley Robotics has tried to automate the kitchen with robotic hands, but it costs around £ 100,000. There are a lot of pizza robots and a few automated cooking machines for restaurants. A Singapore-based company called Zimplistic has developed a roti-making machine called the Rotimatic, which Makes roti directly from flour, “he says of the technical innovations in the culinary segment.

RoboChef not only offers a robotic kitchen solution, but also a robotic kitchen operating system that helps to digitally manage recipes, track ingredients and inventory, support companies in digitally and remotely monitor culinary processes, identify sales trends, provide F&B business analytics, Providing insights, integration with the POS solution, developer API access and predictive maintenance.

Nosh makes the entire cooking journey seamless with meal planning and food ordering, and it also celebrates cooking through the home cooks recipe marketplace. “Nosh has a built-in meal planning and grocery order feature that allows users to plan what dishes to eat during the week and automatically creates a grocery list based on their preferences. Consumers can also choose those groceries Order via the app It also brings dishes from different kitchens to consumers’ homes and, on the other hand, offers home cooks a platform to disseminate and earn money with their recipes worldwide, ”says Varachhia.