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Do you want to get fit this summer? Then you need activewear and sports equipment and accessories to help you with it. Fortunately, in today’s Daily Digest, we have everything you need to upgrade your fitness wardrobe and take your workout to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or a full grown fitness enthusiast, we want to help you feel more motivated while exercising.

Keeping fit can feel like a chore. However, if you have practical activewear and exercise equipment that you enjoy wearing and using, you will likely be more motivated to keep up with your new regime. Or maybe you already hit the gym regularly but are fed up with the same workouts. Thankfully, there are some hidden gems that can get your blood pumping without you hating every minute of exercising – and we’re sharing them on today’s blog.

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Whether you prefer to exercise at home or with a personal trainer, today’s roundup is for everyone. There really is no better time than today to work on yourself and get healthier. So here is our list of the most comfortable – and environmentally friendly – sportswear you can buy. We also added fitness equipment to get you started and help you see results.

1. Exercise at home with the Velites Earth 2.0 Jump Rope Fitness System. It is an exercise machine that will challenge you.

Velites Earth 2.0 skipping rope fitness system

If you’re looking for a fun new day to exercise, the Velites Earth 2.0 skipping rope fitness system is an excellent choice. This fitness system is a reinterpreted version of a traditional skipping rope; It contains a connected training app, a training mat, 2 cables of different sizes and 3 weights. So you can get fit anywhere and receive insightful feedback.

Pre-order yours at Indiegogo for € 124.

2. Improve your physical performance with the Airofit breathing trainer Bluetooth mouthpiece. Just 5–10 minutes of breathing exercises a day can make a big difference in your recovery.

Airofit breathing trainer Bluetooth mouthpiece

Increase your lung capacity, reduce your breathing rate and save energy with the Airofit breathing trainer Bluetooth mouthpiece. This will make you feel fitter and take better steps while exercising. In addition, this exercise equipment can even lower your stress levels and can be used on your rest days through guided meditation exercises.

Get your exercise equipment for $ 299.

3. Get comfortable, practical activewear with Mocean Fitness sustainable activewear. This clothing collection is made from recycled marine pollution, nylon waste and plastic bottles.

Mocean Fitness sustainable sportswear

Upgrade your fitness wardrobe with sustainable active clothing from Mocean Fitness. You get the choice of t-shirts, leggings, vests, shorts and sports bras. This is a great way to spice up your look from head to toe. Above all, this practical activewear is stretchy, versatile, lightweight, quick-drying and more. You can wear these clothes even for the toughest workouts.

Order your fitness clothing from USD 35.

4. Keep track of your workouts with Timebirds’ portable workout timer. It’s an exercise machine that keeps you motivated.

Timebirds portable training timer

How can you move faster if you are not keeping track of your time exercising? The Timebirds portable workout timer is for that. Unlike a phone, this workout timer is clearly visible so you can increase the pace while exercising. In addition, it can be mounted on various surfaces and is also portable enough to take with you to workouts in the gym.

Buy this $ 99 sports accessory.

5. Get full body cardio and strength training with the ChopFit Chopper fitness machines. It will challenge your body.

ChopFit Chopper fitness equipment

Tired of treadmills, squats, or biceps curls? With the ChopFit Chopper fitness equipment you can do a whole body workout in a new way. This fitness machine was developed to challenge your upper and lower body as well as your core and is very versatile. So, you can use it to replace dumbbells without getting wrist cramps.

Order yours for $ 99.

6. The Liteboxer boxing machine is a piece of fitness equipment that is fun and lets your arms tire quickly.

Liteboxer boxing machine

Boxing is a great way to get fit, but not everyone has access to the equipment. Fortunately, the Liteboxer boxing machine has everything you need to level up your game. The combination of rhythm technology music and expert training gives you the opportunity to push yourself. Plus, it’s like having a trainer with you.

Get your sports supplies for $ 1,495.

7. The YORK Athletics The Henry Lightweight running shoe is ideal for all-purpose training and running for maximum support.

YORK Athletics The Henry shoes

Shoes are important when you are exercising. For this reason, the YORK Athletics The Henry Lightweight running shoe has breathable air mesh for maximum ventilation. Your feet will feel cool even when you train hard. In addition, this footwear has an EVA foam mixture for a springboard effect.

Order these running shoes starting at $ 72.

8. Wear the Sweat Shaper Advanced Compression Shapewear for a sauna-like experience to get rid of love handles.

Sweat Shaper advanced compression shapewear

The Sweat Shaper Advanced Compression Shapewear is a comfortable collection that combines compression and polymer fabrics to accelerate your body heat. This offers a number of advantages, such as: B. preventing muscle strains, improving regeneration and more.

Get your practical activewear for $ 19.99.

9. Cushion your feet during training and in everyday life with the shock-absorbing sports insole from Ginosvate.

Ginosvate shock absorbing sports insole

Protect your feet during training with the shock-absorbing sports insole from Ginosvate. These shoe accessories absorb shocks, prevent slipping and can even allow you to jump higher and run faster. In addition, the ergonomic design feels comfortable for the whole day.

Order your sports supplies on Amazon for $ 19.99.

10. Flexible and comfortable, the brightly colored FitBod leggings with a medium rise are brightly colored and suitable for all types of workouts.

FitBod colorful leggings with a medium rise

Wear the colorful FitBod leggings with a medium rise for yoga sessions or intense boxing. Whatever the occasion, these leggings will help you meet your fitness goals. The best part is that they come in a variety of designs and colors to make for eye-catching attire.

Grab a pair for $ 34.85.

We hope this list of activewear and exercise equipment inspires you to exercise and push yourself to new limits. Which training accessories can you not do without? Let us know in the comments.

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