Self-care, psychological well being, and health conversations dominate Twitter after the pandemic


NEW DELHI: Conversations related to wellbeing emerged on Twitter as one of the six most important trends after the pandemic, according to a report by the microblogging platform on India-specific trends.

The pandemic has also redefined wellbeing, with an active focus on emotional, physical and mental health. Under the umbrella of wellbeing, self-care has seen over 88% growth in conversations, followed by health and fitness (103%) and mental health issues (150%).

Twitter said it examined millions of tweets from January 2020 to June 2021 and analyzed over 300,000 entities (topics of conversation) and compared them to tweets from the past 18 months (July 2018 to December 2019) to learn more about what conversations were people performed on twitter in india.

As more people started thinking about their overall health and fitness in such conversations, with over 103% growth, over 80% of the conversations were about sleep and 102% about exercise. Mental health care has also become an important topic of conversation, with 108% mentioning the term “wellness”. #SelfLove, #LoveYourSelf, #GoodHealth, and #MentalHealthMatters are some of the most popular hashtags used in these conversations.

Twitter said brands could engage in conversations like this by being honest with them, sharing their perspectives, and encouraging people to take steps to get better.

Preetha Athrey, Marketing Director at Twitter India, said that together we have overcome the idea that wellness is just a buzzword, but delved deep into the question of what personal health and wellbeing actually looks like on a daily basis.

“From hygiene to fitness to mental wellbeing and access to health care in the communities we live in, we think about things differently, maybe forever. Since health is paramount, people will continue to focus on holistic wellbeing. In fact, conversations about the mind-body connection have sped up 103% as more people think about their overall health and fitness, ”she added.

Other major trends highlighted in the report include One Planet, where conversations around people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their actions are having on the environment.

The One Planet conversations are up 80% with environmental urgency (40%) and inclusive sustainability (57%) at the forefront of these conversations, and #ClimateChange, #GoGreen and #SaveThePlanet are some of the prominent hashtags.

People also talk about their beliefs, discuss spirituality, and find solace in shared experiences. Conversations about astrology, the complexity of the human mind and the exploration of spirituality have emerged as dominant sub-trends.

Tech Life is another big trend that is being driven by tech communication, smarter living, and technology forever with hashtags like #DigitalIndia, #BigData, #ResponsibleTech, and #TechForGood.

Twitter also said that people pursue their passions, educate themselves, inspire one another, and form communities around shared talents and interests within the creative culture trend. Conversations about content, YouTubers, and the emerging YouTuber economy are up 78%.

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