Schnitzel Recipe – NYT Cooking


The most famous schnitzels in Vienna have a crispy golden crust that blows dramatically around a thinly whipped veal schnitzel (pork loin chops are an easy, inexpensive alternative to veal) so the meat can cook gently in it. If you go to Germany, you’re more likely to find schnitzel with a crust that sticks to the meat. Both versions can be fantastic. For an extra puffy crust, coat the schnitzel with vodka before breading. The volatility of the alcohol creates steam that puffs up the schnitzel as it fries. (Water or white vinegar will also work if you want to skip alcohol.) If you prefer a crust that sticks more closely to the meat, beat the cutlets with the back of a knife a few times after you beat them in step 3 to create an uneven surface texture; Dry the meat well on paper towels and skip the vodka coating in step 5.

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For perfectly light schnitzel, do this.