Samburgers, the newest idea from Sam the Cooking Man, is opening on the Little Italy Meals Corridor


Samburgers, which will open its second branch in the Little Italy Food Hall. Image Credit: Courtesy

Little Italy Food Hall has once again teamed up with Sam the Cooking Guy to welcome their Samburgers as the latest addition.

After Not Not Tacos in 2018 and Graze by Sam in 2019, Samburgers is the third collaboration in the hall between the hospitality group Grain & Grit Collective and Sam Zien.

Samburgers, which originally opened in Seaport Village last fall, are located on the north side of the hall at the old Not Not Tacos location that has moved to the station at the far right.

The restaurant started under the umbrella of another Zien brand, EATS by Sam, and has now become so established that the second location in Little Italy is added.

“It’s a great feeling to keep growing in the place where we started!” said Mike DiNorscia, CEO of Grain & Grit Collective, which opened the Multi-Vendor Food Hall in 2018.

Samburgers celebrates its opening week from Monday with live music, specials and freebies. Sam the Cooking Guy is also scheduled to host a Meet & Greet on Monday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and a book signing session on Saturday at 4 p.m.

He will be promoting his new cookbook, Recipes With Deliberate Leftovers.

The menu features the same dishes as at Seaport Village, many of them
selected from Zien’s most popular YouTube videos.

Patty options include ground chicken, salmon, vegetable, or Zien’s mix of ground sirloin, brisket, and short ribs. Menu items include jalapeno burgers, side dishes like chili cheese tots, and kids options for those under the age of 12.

Grain & Grit and Zien are also planning to expand to a third location in Costa Mesa, where a new Not Not Tacos for take-away and delivery opened last month.

In addition to Samburgers, Graze and Not Not Tacos, the current lineup of the Little Italy Food Hall includes:

  • Ambrogio15 with Milan-style pizzas;
  • My St. Asian Kitchen, specializing in Asian home cooking;
  • Wicked Maine Lobster with lobster rolls, shrimp baskets, chowder, and more;
  • Bobboi Natural Gelato with a changing selection of organic gelato and
  • The Little Italy Food Hall Bar offers local beers, wines, and artisanal cocktails to enjoy in the 10,000-square-foot outdoor Piazza della Famiglia.

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