Rohit Reddy reveals how his ardour for health nourishes entrepreneurial goals


Rohit Reddy is a Hyderabad-based real estate agent who, unlike other contemporary entrepreneurs and business people, doesn’t shy away from flaunting his moolah or luxury. He goes for the book that says when you have it, flaunt it in bold. Entrepreneurship and fitness may seem like the two ends of the spectrum to most of us. But that’s far from true. Rohit is a true example of having the best of both worlds. He’s a real estate entrepreneur in the fields of power and entertainment, fitness, fashion, and philanthropy – all in all, a businessman with a heart (and a toned six-pack!)

Rohit Reddy believes in the power of concentrating on fitness and often speaks about fitness equating to entrepreneurship. Both areas of interest require a strong mind, crazy motivation, relentless zeal, hard work, and passion. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle help Rohit to achieve a high level of self-discipline and motivation in his private life, which is also reflected in his appearance as an entrepreneur.

It also keeps him active, energetic, and healthy at a time when we all understand the importance of health. It is his courage, resilience, and passion that set him apart, even after suffering major personal blows. Proof of this is its successful flagship real estate business, which goes by the Signature Developers name, is continually adding new projects and changing the way we think about luxury living. Signature Developers has been instrumental in delivering projects that are extravagant to say the least. He is interested in developing projects with his team of architects and interior designers to build spaces that will make any homebuyer own them with world class living standards. No wonder they have changed the Hyderabad skyline.

Rohit is interested in working with his team of architects and interior designers to develop projects to build spaces that would drive any homebuyer to own with world class living standards.

You can find Rohit training at a gym when you’re not talking to his team about business strategies and real estate expansion plans. He is a disciplined businessman and fitness enthusiast who makes sure that both are right … To keep his fitness regime regular, Rohit sweats long hours in the gym doing cardio, lunges, pushups, side planks, burpees and deadlifts .

He also likes to practice Muay Thai, a form of martial art. In his own words, Rohit says the following about the discipline of Muay Thai: “As with any martial art, Muay Thai cultivates self-discipline. The slow nature of progress has taught me persistence and patience. It is only with these two that you begin to see gradual changes and an increase in strength and endurance. The self-discipline cultivated through this sport finds its way into all areas of my life, also into my work and my goals. “

Even when COVID-19 hit the world, he didn’t let the pandemic affect his exercise program. He made the most of his private gym and home training

Rohit believes in living his life in a king-size manner. But that doesn’t mean his business is taking a back seat. 15 years ago he founded his dream company in which he works as managing director. Not only is he a renowned businessman in his hometown of Hyderabad, but he is also known worldwide for his distinctive and iconic structures that mark the locations of the city. He has received many awards as the outstanding entrepreneur of his time. Some of these include The Economic Times Promising Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 and a 2014 Hyderabad 6-star rating for Signature One from CRISIL and The Economic Times Best Brands in 2019 for its Signature Developers company.

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