Put together burgers on the range – four scrumptious suggestions


We take a closer look at some great and tasty tips for cooking burgers on the stove.

Oh, summer. Hot days, blue skies, lots of daylight, pool parties and of course barbecues. If there’s one food that is synonymous with summer, it’s the humble burger, but a lot of people don’t realize that you don’t necessarily need a grill to grill the perfect burger.

Making burgers, like juicy and tasty burgers, and not bloodless gray pieces of meat to be burned crispy on the grill, is an art. While people prefer to grill burgers over an open flame, sometimes that’s just not an option, which is why we have put this article together for you today.

Done correctly, cooking burgers on the stove can be just as delicious as if they were grilled over an open flame, it all comes down to the preparation.

To help you prepare burgers at home that a Grill pit master Would be jealous, here is a look at 4 delicious tips for cooking burger on the stove.

Choose the best beef

You can of course buy ready-made burgers, but to create a really juicy and tasty burger, we recommend making the burgers yourself by creating a burger mix.

Most experts recommend a mix of 80% lean ground beef with 20% fat. If you’re counting calories, 85% lean is acceptable. Anything that is 90% lean or more lean will get too dry and crumbly and you will end up with dry, gray, anemic burger meat platters like we mentioned earlier.

If you prepare a burger mix yourself, sirloin, brisket and chuck complement each other wonderfully.

Don’t make it too complicated

Hop online to a. to discover homemade burger recipe and you will find recipes that require all kinds of herbs, spices, and condiments. To be honest, a good burger should speak for itself, so you really should only season both sides of the burger with a generous pinch of salt and pepper and maybe some dried garlic powder. This simple tip makes cooking burgers on a stove easy and delicious.

Get your heat right

When cooking burgers on a stove, it’s important to choose the right heat. The heat chosen should depend on it what you cook the burgers, e.g. a cast iron pan, a grill pan, an aluminum pan, etc., as well as the thickness of the burger.

Prepare burgers on the stove - 4 delicious tips

If you’re cooking a thick burger, medium-high heat works best as the burger will need to cook through depending on how infrequently or how well you want it to be. On the other hand, if you do Making smash burgersbecause they are so thin when mashed flat, high heat is best for good caramelization on the outside.

Try using a cast iron pan When cooking burgers on the stove

Speaking of burgers in / on, a cast iron pan always works best on a stove.

Prepare burgers on the stove - 4 delicious tips

As long as it’s seasoned properly, cast iron is non-stick so you don’t have to worry about your burgers sticking, it also conducts heat well and holds heat well so you can get a good crust on your burger patties.