Pointview college students discover rhythm in a brand new health drumming challenge


Students at Westerville City Schools Pointview Elementary School skip a large exercise ball stabilized in a plastic basket and then drum pool noodles on the ball to the beat of the song “Chicken Dance”.

The fun is part of a fitness drumming project that collaborates pointview physical education teacher Alisa Franklin and music teacher Alex Chapman.

In physical education classes, fitness drumming is used to practice coordination and motor skills, while drumming promotes musical skills such as a steady beat and the ability to execute rhythms with precision.

Chapman said the students do the same things they did in the past, but with different tools.

“It’s a new method,” he said.

After 35 minutes of skipping, drumming on the ball, and other aerobic activities on March 16, third grader Ja’Queen Edwards said, “It was exhausting.”

She said she likes to drum on the ball and to match those skills “a little” with the music.

Pointview Elementary School music teacher Alex Chapman hands student Taliyah Saunders a bunch of drum noodles prior to a third-grade fitness drum class at the school on March 16.

Edwards adds her own body twists and footwork while drumming.

Classmate Adam Mohamed, also a third grader, said, “It was good.”

He said he likes to drum on the ball.

Franklin said she deliberately stumbled in fitness drumming class because it is such an intense workout for her.

“I was hesitant to start it, but I’m enjoying it and they are enjoying it,” she said. What we have works well. You get arm and leg training – everything you need. “

Franklin said it was the first time she saw a nursing home using the program and mentioned to Chapman how much fun she imagined.

A cardio drumming class started in Pickerington for people of all ages rose from 22 participants when it debuted on April 2, 2019 to 91 on October 6, 2020.

Chapman said Franklin shared some cardio / desk drumming resources that music and physical education teachers created for students to use at home during the pandemic.

“We both thought it would be a fun and safe activity for Pointview’s students,” he said.

Third grader Adam Mohamed puts out a fitness drums class at the end, held on March 16 by PE teacher Alisa Franklin and music teacher Alex Chapman at Pointview Elementary School.

In one of the district’s weekly news bulletins, Chapman saw information about the Columbus Foundation’s Bette Marschall Memorial Education Fund.

The fund was set up in honor of former Westerville teacher and headmistress Bette Marschall, who passed away in 2001.

The pointview teachers applied and were awarded $ 491 to purchase materials for the project.

Due to the pandemic, many musical instruments and fitness equipment cannot be safely cleaned without damaging the equipment, Chapman said. According to Franklin, the stability balls and student drum accessories are safely disinfected.

“With the funds we were able to purchase a premium set of cardio drums and DVDs to support the project,” said Chapman. “We received all of the supplies in January and made them available to the students when they returned to the building.”

He said that all of Pointview’s roughly 300 students in kindergarten through fifth grade will have the opportunity to attend.

Franklin said she and Chapman created their own warm-up exercises for their students.

“The kids loved cardio drums,” she said.



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Third graders from Pointview Elementary School are taking a fitness drum class held at the school on March 16 by PE teacher Alisa Franklin and music teacher Alex Chapman.Physical education teacher Alisa Franklin is leading a third graders fitness drum class at Pointview Elementary School on March 16.Ja'Queen Edwards of Pointview Elementary jumps around an exercise ball during their fitness drumming class on March 16.Pointview elementary school teachers received $ 491 to purchase materials for a fitness drumming project through the Bette Marschall Memorial Education Fund.