Plan for the out of doors play and health space on the Group Stadium


A NEW children’s playground is planned for York – but critics claim it does not appear to be suitable for disabled teenagers.

The outdoor adventure zone with an outdoor play and fitness area is intended for a disused triangle next to the new leisure center in the Community Stadium in Huntington.

In a building permit application from the leisure center it says: “We are applying to set up a children’s playground and an artificial turf area for outdoor fitness activities.”

In the planning documents, several artist impressions reveal the type of equipment that would be built, including jungle gyms and slides.

However, two people wrote to the planners to point out that the park does not appear to be suitable for disabled children.

Daniel Kelly of Bracken Road, York, says, “There seem to be no devices for people with disabilities. Since this is a new development, would this be a perfect opportunity to create an all-encompassing exercise and play area?

“To be clear, I have nothing against the construction of the playground, but I reject the lack of facilities for disabled people.”

Bex Dixon of Foston Grove, York, has similar concerns, saying, “Where on the plans are the accessible facilities that make this park inclusive for all children in the city? All children have a right to play and not to be left in the street will watch outside. ”

The plans under reference 21/01747 / FUL can be viewed online at: