Pistons Isaiah Stewart channels ‘Beef Stew’ off the pitch in a brand new cooking video


For much of the season, Detroit Pistons rookie Isaiah Stewart showed his physicality and high engine. It has earned him the nickname “Beef Stew” and on Tuesday he had the opportunity to cook an off-field game.

“I just take it,” said Stewart after Tuesday’s practice session. “That’s the name the fan base has given me, and like I said, that’s the name I’ll roll with. Some people like it, some don’t, but I think it’s cool. “

The rookie center practically competed against bad boys legend Rick Mahorn in a beef stew battle. Detroit-born Elle Simone from America’s Test Kitchen hosted the cook-off and guided the two players step-by-step through the cooking process.

Both showed a great deal of confidence that their stew would be the best if the ovens were turned off.

The three chefs used steak tips as the recipe was supposed to be a quick hit, a midweek stew. They also used onions, carrots, anchovies, and other ingredients.

Before things even started, Mahorn Stewart was giving a trash talk when Simone instructed the two players to turn on their range. While Stewart turned the knob to light the stove, Mahorn let out a few jokes.

“Isaiah doesn’t even know how to turn it on,” Mahorn said. “To blow something up.”

While Stewart and Mahorn cooked, mixed, and whisked ingredients together, Simone raised a few key questions about the city of Detroit in her own way. There are questions about Detroit mayors, rappers, as well as some piston sizes.

When the two didn’t answer questions, Mahorn remembered some of his game days. He first asked Stewart about his human encounters. Stewart declined to go into detail.

“We’re not going to talk about it,” he said.

Mahorn was far less reluctant.

“No, I won’t talk about that,” joked Mahorn. “Come on, you’re talking to a guy who used to turn everyone upside down [expletive]. ”

When they finished preparing the stew, the three cooks coated their meals and raved about their skills.

It was Stewart’s first time cooking beef stew, and he said he enjoyed the experience against mahorn.

“I did this for the first time and it came out pretty well,” he said after Tuesday’s practice session. “Rick Mahorn, he thought he had a better beef stew than mine, but I thought I made the best.”

The Rochester native was pretty confident in his cooking skills before and after the challenge. His father cooked a lot when he was younger. However, since he was often in the practice, his father taught his brother most of the common Jamaican meals that they ate.

“I cook a few things at home,” said Stewart. “I definitely cook while I’m in the crib. One of my favorite dishes for me is salmon with honey glaze, rice, broccoli and the like. “

Check out the full video on YouTube.