Nutritionist Jess Blair explains easy lifestyle modifications to heal intestine well being


Blair said that not only is what we eat important to controlling our gut, but it can be all different types of stress on the body.

“For example, I was late today and I was stressed, which can affect my gut – my body didn’t notice that I was just late for a podcast, not that I was running away from a lion.

“So all of my energy goes to my extremities and doesn’t bother digesting the food in my stomach because it’s not a priority.

“Your body cannot distinguish [the two] Therefore, while eating, when we are stressed, we can get an upset stomach that we normally wouldn’t get because we are in fight or flight mode. ”

Common bowel problems Blair sees from his clients are gas, belching, diarrhea, constipation, pain, heartburn – all things clearly gastrointestinal related.

“But there are other things that can come out of gut health but you don’t know they’re related – fatigue, sleep, energy, and mood can all be related to your gut health,” she explained.

“It’s a double-edged sword – when you are stressed it can affect your bowels, when your bowels are out of order it can affect your stress.”

Blair said there are several things we can all do to improve our gut health, digestion, and therefore overall health:

  • Prioritize sleep. “Sleep is when everything can really regenerate – we have to make sure we get enough sleep and rest.”
  • Drink enough water. “We can all do that. Not drinking enough can lead to constipation – we need water to flush everything out of our bodies.”
  • Triggering triggers. “You should do this with the help of your doctor, but coffee is a big issue – if you know you run to the bathroom with explosive diarrhea every time you have a cup of coffee, it may be time to cut it off me don’t really recommend cutting out whole food groups as you will be missing out on vital nutrients at times, but coffee is a big one that stresses you out again and some people react badly. ”
  • Manage these stress levels. “We can’t escape the stress – getting to podcasts on time may well help us meet our deadlines.
  • Move. “Meditation, yoga, exercise – all of these things are so good for digestion and so good for our sanity.”

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