Niagara’s ‘High Chef Canada’ couple prepare dinner a particular evening for Garrison Home


The reigning “Top Chef Canada” champion – and her husband – are returning to Niagara.

Niagara College alumni Erica and Josh Karbelnik will be the guest chefs at The Garrison House in Niagara-on-the-Lake on October 5th, each cooking one course of a four-course meal.

Karbelnik won the ninth season of Top Chef Canada, which ended in June. Among the chefs she had to defeat in the last four was her husband.

The couple have long been friends with Garrison House owner David Watt, who said they approached him about a homecoming event.

The other two courses will be prepared by Watt and Souschef Braeden Mann.

Watt remembered Josh as a formidable young chef who worked at his former Zest restaurant in Fonthill while he was in college.

“He needed the money,” he recalls. “He was pretty dedicated. I trained a lot of children and he was there right away. You could tell that was exactly what he wanted.

“It was just driven. He showed me a picture of food that he had prepared on his days off and asked me what I thought of it. “

Josh and Erica were a couple at the time and got married shortly afterwards. Watt said they were “competitive people” and wasn’t surprised to see them on Top Chef Canada.

Despite some mid-season difficulties, Erica finished strong to win the season, earning $ 100,000 and a new Lexus RX Hybrid Electric SUV.

“They are both head chefs in Toronto now,” said Watt. “Erica is actually seven months pregnant and still working.

“Because of the popularity of the show, she was asked to serve several dinners – one in Edmonton and one in Toronto this weekend.”

While there’s no theme for the Garrison House event, Watt is confident that the couple have something special in the works.

“We will use everything we can as far as there is local produce,” he said. “We’ll just have fun with it. Like typical chefs, we don’t yet know exactly what we’re doing, but it will all fit together. “

The reaction was immediate – the event sold out within two days. For last minute cancellations, call Garrison House at 905-468-4000.

“It’s just going to be a lot of fun,” said Watt. “Josh and Erica, they want to return to Niagara to live. It will do them good. “