New world analysis from Virtuagym underscores the integral position know-how performs within the health trade


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The results of the customer survey show extensive digitization by fitness studios, fitness studios and personal trainers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Data suggests fitness companies will continue to combine physical and digital services as a long-term solution to engagement and management

About half of gyms and a third of personal trainers used technology to deliver content for home training, while half of gyms use digital apps

Amsterdam, May 26, 2021 – A new global customer survey by Virtuagym of gyms, gyms and personal trainers has shown the critical role fitness technology played for fitness companies during the COVID-19 pandemic and what role it predicted for the future the industry.

The research, conducted while much of the fitness industry was still closed, found that digital technology was critical to engaging and engaging members during a period when more than two-thirds (69%) opened their doors at least three Had to close for months.

Nearly half (45%) of the gyms and one-third of the gyms (32%) and personal trainers (36%) used technology to provide home exercise content, with half of the gyms (49%) and 40% of the gyms and personal trainers using They also use digital apps to offer virtual training. The same number of gyms have also engaged members through 1: 1 online coaching and live streaming of classes.

Wearable technology has also proven invaluable. Over half (51%) of gyms and 45% of personal trainers use fitness trackers to help clients achieve their fitness goals during prolonged restraints. Over two-thirds (69%) of gyms used digital check-ins, online class bookings, and attendance tracking to optimize business efficiency and ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

“As a company with the goal of making the world healthier through innovative technologies, we are curious to see to what extent technology-driven solutions have been adopted by fitness companies to support them in such a difficult time for our industry,” said Hugo Braam, CEO and co-founder of Virtuagym.

In addition, fitness technology proved essential to maintain the sense of community among members. Almost two-thirds (60%) of gyms and more than half of studios (54%) used online group classes, while half (50%) of gyms used in-app community features. This increase in group fitness extended to nature as well. Most gyms (86%) trained in parks and over 40% of gyms and personal trainers trained in front of their facilities.

“We believe technology will fundamentally change the fitness industry,” added Braam. “It can enable large and small operators to offer varied and personalized experiences so that customers feel motivated and ultimately really improve their physical and mental well-being.”

In fact, this increased digital adoption is expected to continue, with companies focusing on delivering blended, hybrid offerings that meet the needs of customers seeking physical and digital experiences. According to data from Virtuagym last year, fitness application usage peaked during times when facilities were open, tripling in September 2020 compared to pre-pandemic numbers, while usage in March 2021 remained as high as it was before when the pandemic first caused closings. The results of the global survey also showed that the number of fitness providers who now want to use personal and virtual training as well as digital payments and class bookings has increased by 20%.

“There will continue to be a demand in the industry for a mix of physical and digital devices that matches the lifestyle mindset of the modern fitness consumer,” said Aaron McCulloch, general manager of YOUR Personal Training, one of the UK’s most successful personal training management companies. “By investing in a hybrid business model and mixed services, fitness entrepreneurs can offer their customers more flexible, hyper-personalized experiences to enable them to lead a rounder, healthier lifestyle and make their job easier by saving more time and money efficiently.”

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