Naga Munchetty reveals the secret of running success with fitness selfies


February 06, 2021 – 15:37 GMT

Rachel Avery

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Naga Munchetty can she be BBC breakfast Presentation skills, but the second must be their mileage. The avid fitness fan shared a sweaty selfie with her followers on Saturday – and revealed that the secret of her running success is compression gaiters!

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The presenter snapped a fresh picture while she was still drenched in sweat after her 6 km run, and next to the picture she announced that she had tried new exercise equipment to aid her activities.

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She gave the selfie a caption: “I managed to catch some sun for the run on Saturday. I also treated myself to a pair of leggings with a compression run – today meant that I no longer have calf muscles. I’m grateful.

“I hope you have a good weekend. Now I’m going for a weekend with #sixnations rugby. Come on live action sports! # 6km # 32minutes”

Naga looked radiant after her lockdown exercise

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Some followers agreed with the running hack with a comment: “I won’t run without compression socks, the difference is amazing!” and others really wanted to know more with a question: “Ooooh compression running gaiters? Where did you get them? Were they very hot to run?”

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The BBC host isn’t afraid to share a sweaty selfie with her fans after a workout and has done so on many occasions to impress her with her commitment.

Naga Munchetty relaxation

The moderator is not always on the go

However, Naga sometimes eschews high octane fitness for more relaxing activities. Last year the star shared a picture from her Hertfordshire home chilling out on the sofa with a glass of red wine and her beloved cats. “Bliss,” she captioned the cozy picture.

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