Mr. Motivator leads the stay Zoom Health session for the Chorley Youth Zone


The only Mr motivator is to have a live zoom fitness session this week as part of the Captain Tom 100 Challenge.

Inspire Chorley Youth Zone has partnered with the practice guru to raise funds for the organization that aims to support youth across the region who have struggled during the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools, businesses, sports clubs and organizations are asked to get involved and raise funds ahead of the live online event this Friday.

The King of Lycra is famous for its colorful TV workouts and is inspired by the tireless work of the youth zone throughout the lockdown, which supports thousands of local children and youth. He has generously agreed to help with this exclusive Live Zoom event for the Inspire Youth Zone.

A Chorley Council spokesperson said, “To support Inspire’s Captain Tom 100 Challenge, Mr. Motivator would love for you to dress up for the big event, donate to Inspire, and wear anything that makes you happy.

“From the brightest clothes to your favorite outfit (dare we mention lycra, wedding dresses, work clothes), he hopes everyone who attends will try to raise £ 100 or more to help Inspire Youth Zone Continuing to support the young people who have done this has found the past 12 months particularly difficult.

“In return for your support, you can expect certificates and lots of fun at this event.”

The specially adapted live routine from Mr. Motivator is suitable for all ages and abilities and takes place on Friday, April 30th, from 9.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.

To confirm your spot call: 01257 228888 or email: for more information.

For more information, visit: