Make cooking much more pleasing with these seven kitchen devices on the market immediately


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make it a bit easier on yourself with some discounted kitchen gadgets to get you on your way to a tastier, healthier breakfast. From smoothies to breakfast rolls, use these gadgets to try out some new breakfast ideas in your kitchen.

Make the perfect crepe for breakfast with this 12 inch non-stick plate (LILY)

1st guillotine 12 “non-stick crepe maker

Do you wish you could travel to Paris and have some crepes along the Seine? Travel may not be in your immediate future, but crepes can be made with this Lumme crepes maker. Use the coated pan to prepare a light and tasty breakfast at home.

Get the Lumme 12 ″ Nonstick Crepe Maker for USD 44.99 (Reg. USD 69), a savings of 35%.

Eat healthier with this oil-free air fryer (LILY)

2. Lumme 3.5L healthy air fryer


Did you know you can make donuts in an air fryer with self-rising flour and Greek yogurt? You can! Cook this healthier donut breakfast in your new Lumme air fryer for a sweet start to the day.

Get the Lumme 3.5L Healthy Air Fryer for $ 72.99 (Reg. $ 99), a savings of 27%.

Start the day off with healthy green juice with this 3-in-1 blender (LILY)

3. Lumme 3-in-1 blender & bottle

Include four servings of fruit in one meal when mixing a fruit smoothie in your Lumme 3-in-1 blender and bottle. The blender can both crush ice and mix fruits to achieve a satisfactory combination of ingredients. Mix and go with the bottle provided to make breakfast on the fly.

Get the Lumme 3-in-1 blender and bottle for $ 79 (Reg. $ 99), a savings of 20%.


Remove the lumps with this easy-to-use hand mixer (LILY)

4. Lumme 5-speed hand mixer

No matter what type of breakfast dough you propose, the Lumme cake mixer can handle it. With five speed settings for each recipe, this easy-to-clean bat will cut your prep time in the kitchen.

Get the Lumme 5-Speed ​​Handheld Cake Mixer for $ 45.99 (Reg. $ 69), a savings of 34%.

Enjoy waffles every day of the week with this premium non-stick waffle iron (LILY)

5. Guillemot Belgian waffle iron

People love this Belgian waffle iron from Lumme and rate it 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. With this non-stick waffle iron you will get perfect, thick and fluffy Belgian waffles every time. Top with berries, whipped cream, and powdered sugar to toss out of the park.

Get the Belgian Lumme waffle maker for USD 41.99 (reg. USD 69), which is a saving of 40%.


Fry everything from chicken to cucumber to perfection with this electric fryer (LILY)

6. Lumme Electric Fryer

Do you fancy a fried delicacy in the kitchen? From French toast to hearty dinner, the Lumme Electric Deep Fryer simplifies tricky cooking. Thanks to the adjustable thermostat and the oil volume of 3 l, you can fry your kitchen perfectly.

Get the Lumme Electric Fryer for $ 65.99 (Reg. $ 89), a savings of 26%.

Make toasted sandwiches in no time with this nonstick press (LILY)

7. Lumme non-stick sandwich maker

Sausage, egg and bacon on thickly sliced ​​Texas toast, perfectly grilled in a sandwich press – do you sound good? Make it yourself with the Lumme Non-Stick Sandwich Maker, an easy-to-clean sandwich press that can make two delicious sandwiches at the same time. This is also a hit on Amazon with 4.3 out of 5 stars.


Get the Lumme Non-Stick Sandwich Maker for $ 37.99 (Reg. $ 59), a savings of 36%.

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