Major overhaul of the Polish fitness VOD platform


Poland’s first fitness VOD platform, BeActive TV, has gone through a complete transformation with a solution provided by Insys Video Technologies.

Lefteris Kavoukis, CEO of the BeActive TV team (BeBio), commented on the development as follows: “BeActive TV is the first fitness on-demand platform in Poland. It has grown steadily since its launch in 2017 and the number of users training online is growing month by month. As pioneers, we wanted to create a platform that offers our users even more options. We listen to their suggestions and needs and the new version of BeActive TV is the answer to these questions.

“BeActive TV is more than a training platform that enables online exercises for challenges, training units and live events that are carried out by our trainers. It is also a source of motivation and an educational base. Because of the pandemic, many people are doing fitness exercise online for the first time. In addition, the current situation has made physical activity and meditation indispensable tools for overcoming stress and insecurity. We know the importance of getting the exercises right for health and getting the results you want. So we created a new education section called “Do It Right”. The materials collected there show how to perform individual exercises correctly. “

BeActive TV’s new features include adding selected materials to favorites and continuing watching so users can see the workout from the moment it was paused. In addition, the platform has an advanced search engine that can be used to promote content using dedicated lists as well as graphic and video banners. BeActive TV also has an advanced recommendation system that works on the basis of a form filled in by the user.

Krzysztof Bartkowski, CEO of Insys Video Technologies, added: “The new BeActive TV offers users a new experience that makes the service even more intuitive. A feature worth mentioning is definitely the recommendation mechanism, which adapts the content to the user based on the completed form. Depending on the age, gender, or goal the user wants to achieve, the website will tailor the challenges and trainings to a specific profile.
“The new BeActive TV reflects what we specialize in. The customer trusted us and chose our company not only as a technology provider, but also as a partner responsible for the development, maintenance and support of the new application. All thanks to our comprehensive Insys Sport solution, which perfectly meets the needs of sports and training owners of video content. “

BeActive TV is owned by Ewa Chodakowska and is available to users through a website, mobile applications for iOS and Android, and Android TV.