LPG Worth Information Gasoline costs for cooking elevated by Rs 25 per cylinder. Listed below are the newest costs


This is the second price hike by gas traders in a month.

Oil companies have increased the price of a subsidized liquefied petroleum gas bottle (LPG) by 25 rupees per bottle effective today, the ANI news agency reported. The price of a subsidized 14.2kg LPG bottle will now cost Rs 884.50 per bottle in Delhi. This is the second price hike by gas traders in a month. On August 18, the gas companies raised the price of liquefied gas bottles by 25 rupees per bottle. Likewise, the price of 19 kilograms of commercial cylinders has been increased by 19 rupees per cylinder and will now cost 1,693 rupees per cylinder, according to the ANI.

Here are the current prices for liquefied gas cylinders in four major cities:

city Price in rupees per 14.2 KG cylinder
With effect from September 1st 17th August July 1
Delhi 884.50 859.50 834.50
Calcutta 911 886 861
Mumbai 884.50 859.50 834.50
Chennai 900.50 875.50 850.50

Currently, the government provides a household with 12 subsidized 14.2 kg LPG bottles each year. The amount of the government grant for the annual quota of 12 refills varies from month to month.

Currently, the price of LPG cylinders is highest in Calcutta at Rs 911 per cylinder. Followed by Chennai, where a 14.2 kilogram cylinder costs 900.50 rupees.

LPG prices in the country are determined by the prevailing crude oil prices in international markets and the rupee-dollar exchange rate.