Lisbon Falls Chef is recovering in Maine Med ICU after the hearth is boiled


LISBON FALLS – Chef Cameron Graf is recovering in the intensive care unit at Maine Medical Center in Portland, FLUX Restaurant and Bar said in a Facebook post on Sunday.

Graf suffered severe burns to his hands, arms, trunk and legs in a cooking fire early on Saturday afternoon. He was preparing a dish of alcohol when the alcohol splashed on his uniform and it caught fire, Lisbon fire chief Nate LeClair said on Saturday.

The Lisbon fire department responded to the call at around 12.55 p.m. and transported Graf by ground transport to Maine Med, which has a combustion unit. LeClair said LifeFlight transfers have been grounded due to the weather.

An investigation by the Maine Fire Marshal’s office found the cause was a cooking fire, Shannon Moss, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Security, said in an email Monday morning. There was minimal property damage to the building, no other people were harmed.

FLUX co-owner and chef Jason LaVerdiere created a GoFundMe for Graf’s medical and recovery expenses.

LaVerdiere and his brother Tyson LaVerdiere opened the restaurant at 12 Main Street in 2018.

“Our mission is to raise funds beyond what insurance companies will provide to financially support him in a long, difficult recovery,” wrote LaVerdiere. “We want to get Cameron to do what he loves – fishing – as quickly and painlessly as possible!”

The fundraising campaign can be found at


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