Lifestyle Influencer Reveals She Had To Lay Down Her Canine As a result of Of Aggression; Web bites again


YouTube influencer couple are berated on social media for knocking their dog down after biting their young son.

But Nikki Phillippi and her husband Dan Phillippi said in a YouTube video and an Instagram post that after the incident, which wasn’t the first time showing aggression, the animal was too old to be adopted and too unreliable to be around to keep.

“Bowser was the ultimate cuddle bug, but you wouldn’t necessarily know he was just acting crazy if you just stopped by us,” the family and lifestyle influencer wrote on Instagram. “Bowser had an aggressive side that has raised its ugly head a few times over the years … and recently he bit Logan … after much advice we decided it was time for Bowser to pass peacefully.”

While many online members punished the couple for not trying to have the pet adopted, Phillippi responded by saying they were told he was too old.

“This is the hardest decision we’ve ever made,” said the 33-year-old to her 1.29 million followers on YouTube. “Thank you to everyone who wrote to me with kind words of encouragement and prayers. I really appreciate it more than you know. I don’t have time to answer all of them, but I just want you to know. “

“For most of his life he was an extremely dangerous animal outside the walls of my house,” Dan Phillippi said in the video.

Nikki Phillippi said she had long hoped that Bowser simply needed to find the right home, but learned from animal experts that it was not the problem or an option, she said. They had indicated that the animal had to go.

“But after taking advice from several professionals who are constantly with dogs, they all said that, they all said the same thing,” she said.

There are definitely times when euthanasia is warranted or there are no other options, Liv Hagen, animal shelter manager for Animal Humane Society in Minnesota, told Insider, without specifically commenting on the Phillippis case.

“A decision about the end of life is not something anyone would ever want to do,” said Hagen. “If it is the case that the animal is genuinely unsafe – and to make that decision again in consultation with experts and professionals – it may be an appropriate discussion with the expert you are working with. And as heartbreaking as it is, it happens sometimes. “- New York Daily News / TNS