Kogi residents groan as cooking gasoline costs rise


The residents of the metropolis of Lokoja and the surrounding area complain about the rapid rise in the price of cooking gas, which has become the preferred means of cooking over the years.

The rise in the price of the product comes while the number of marketers in the metropolis of Lokoja has increased as many gas stations sell the product.

The 12.5 kg bottle, which was filled to around 5,300 N about two months ago, is now being sold for 6,000 N.

Research by the North Central Trust found that there was an increase of about 30 percent across the board.

Many of the consumers surveyed said they were more concerned about a similar rise in the price of kerosene that left them without an option at home

One liter of kerosene in the metropolis of Lokoja is now being sold at petrol stations for the N400 and outside between the N420 and N430.

Ms. Lami Audu, who spoke to our correspondent, said that if the situation persisted, she had no choice but to resort to firewood or charcoal.

None of the officials at the gas stations in question were ready to comment on the increase.