Kids study the fundamentals of cooking


REND LAKE COLLEGE (WSIL) – Kids are learning the basics of cooking this week at Rend Lake College. Bertie Ham’s Chefs of Tomorrow cook until noon every morning. Every day is a new culinary adventure. They teach children the various meals they can prepare themselves. Monday was focused on breakfast – with pancakes and sausages.
Cooking instructor Jeff Fairbanks says the recipes are different every year. He tells News 3 that kids are always excited to show their parents their work.

“Their parents are not with them while they are at camp. We made Fettucini Alfredo from scratch on the stove. She wrapped it up to take home and when her mom walked in she said, ‘Look mom. I made Fettucini Alfredo and it’s not off the shelf! ‘ So yeah, it’s something that they take great pride in what they do, “said chef instructor Jeff Fairbanks.

Tuesday students learn to have lunch. and they will build their own taco bar. Later that week they learn to have dinner and then dessert.