Karan Singh Grover’s health program


Karan Singh Grover is one of the fittest actors in India and is known for his impeccable physique.

The actor had some successes based on Indian television. However, his fans love him not only for his acting skills, but also for his passion for fitness.

He regularly inspires his fans to get fitter and achieve their goals by sharing his workout routine.

However, we have to say that these exercises are just too intense for us normal people.

Here are 5 of the most incredible core exercises from Karan Singh Grover’s fitness program.

1. Suspended leg raises

Do you remember how the simple leg raises could set your core on fire? Well, how about you make it even more challenging by floating yourself in the air? For Karan Singh Grover: the more demanding it is, the better!

2. Use the barbell creatively

This next exercise may seem effortless, but that’s just because Karan Singh Grover looks exceptionally graceful as he does his exercises. Don’t make it seem like this, this movement is sure to squeeze every ounce of energy out of your core muscles.

3. Pull-ups, but better

This movement not only stresses your core, but also your back and shoulder muscles. Pretty effective upper body workout if you ask us. At KSG, no movement is easy, and this is no exception.

4. Bodyweight dips

We all agree that home exercise isn’t easy, especially when you need to maintain so much muscle mass. If so, then you know you need to get creative with your workouts. To start with, this exercise is a great addition to your upper body workout.

5. Chair leg raises

Lastly, if your workout still doesn’t seem challenging enough, add some weight with a chair or something that can easily be lifted with your legs. To be Karan Singh Grover takes a lot of hard work and dedication and this practice proves it.

Final thoughts

Karan Singh Grover’s fitness mantra is all about making yourself harder and being consistent with your workouts. He’s one of the fittest actors in the business and now you know why!

Which of these challenging exercises would you try? Let us know in the comments below.

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