It’s scorching. This Sask. Cooks have recommendations for cooking whereas the home stays cool


We probably don’t need to tell you, but Saskatchewan has been hot for the past few days. This brings up an age-old question: How do you cook without heating up the whole house?

Saskatchewan-based chef and cookbook writer Renée Kohlman said one of her favorite solutions is having your smaller appliances work for you.

“Your instant pot, your slow cooker – there are all kinds of really great slow cooker recipes [or] Instant Pot Meals, “she said.

She likes to cook “big meaty things like pulled pork, roast beef, even a roast chicken and you can serve that with a big salad and if there’s meat left it makes great sandwiches.”

Kohlman also said that if you have one, use the grill because you can cook a full meal on it.

She also suggests putting together a large pasture board for a meal.

“Just raid the deli, honest. All kinds of meats and cheeses and hummus, that sort of thing – crackers, lots of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit,” she said.

If you need to use the stove, she recommends getting up a little earlier and then cooking. Pasta will hold up well all day if you drain, rinse, mix with a little olive oil and store in the refrigerator. Kohlman suggests using this in pasta salads.

Amy Jo Ehman, a Saskatchewan food writer, echoed Kohlman’s opinion about early morning cooking.

“When something has to be cooked, I usually do it at 7am while the windows are still open and the breeze comes through. And very simple, simple meals. I’m into steaks and salads right now, “said Ehman.

Cold soups are also an option. Ehman must recommend it.

“This is a soup that you puree onions, cucumber and dill in. It’s not in a blender. It is completely pureed and macerated and then … just before you eat it, you dilute it with some ice cold water, so is it’s a cold cucumber soup, “she said.

The other is a variation of borscht.

“You take pickled beets or just the juice and mix it with a cream base such as cream, buttermilk, yogurt, kefir.

“And so you have this beautiful, beautiful, deep pink soup and then you chop up cucumbers, radishes, maybe a few hard-boiled eggs, put them in the bowl and then pour the soup over it.”