Instagram fitness guru caught with drugs


Half of an Instagram fitness power couple got caught on synthetic steroids, testosterone, and peptides that they used to improve their physique in bodybuilding.

Matthew Richard O’Reilly was also signed to the Gold Coast Titans as a teenager, but had to leave the rugby league after a neck injury.

He pleaded guilty to the possession of dangerous drugs and the illegal possession of restricted drugs in Southport Magistrates Court Monday.

O’Reilly, who has more than 56,000 Instagram followers, is the husband of Emily King, who has more than 218,000 followers.

Together they run King Bodies, an online fitness and nutrition company designed to help people lose weight and gain mass.

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Prosecutor Donn Reid told court police that she searched O’Reilly’s home in Miami around 10:30 a.m. on February 10 last year and came across a number of pills without a prescription.

The stock contained more than 104 tablets of the synthetic steroid Stanozolol and more than 100 tablets of Proviron, a testosterone.

A number of peptides have also been found.

Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers defense attorney Campbell MacCallum said O’Reilly was a bodybuilder and used the drugs in competition.

“I am instructed (one of the peptides) is a drug that dehydrates the body and acts like a diuretic, making the physics more aesthetic,” he said.

Mr MacCallum said O’Reilly would use up to 10 tablets a day when competing.

“He’s pointing out that they’re left over from a competition,” he said.

The court was told that O’Reilly is not promoting steroid use in his fitness business.

“He’s there to show you fitness routines,” he said.

Mr MacCallum said O’Reilly has now found some natural alternatives.

Magistrate Grace Kahlert put O’Reilly on an 18-month good conduct bond for $ 800.

He must also participate in a referral program.

No conviction was recorded.

Originally published as an Instagram fitness guru caught on synthetic steroids, testosterone