Indigo Platinum Mastercard Benefits


The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is a credit card designed for individuals interested in establishing credit for the first time.  It is also a credit card individuals can use for rebuilding their credit.  With responsible use a poor credit score can be improved and a person with no credit history at all can begin building their credit.

The card is easy to apply for especially if you’ve received an offer in the mail.  The website that users can apply for the card online is the Indigo Apply website.  The online application process is very quick and doesn’t take a long time.  After submitting your personal information you can simply wait a minute or so to receive an instant decision.

Reports To Major Credit Bureaus

After you have gone through the Indigo apply pre-approved process and received your card in the mail you can now begin building your credit.  Your usage of the card is reported to the three major credit card bureaus which will weigh your purchases to create your credit score.

With consistent or inconsistent payment of your credit card the three major credit bureaus will provide your credit score.  To earn the highest possible credit score possible it is important to manage your credit card responsibly.  

Indigo Perks

There aren’t a lot of perks that you will receive with the Indigo Platinum Mastercard.  Unlike with most other credit cards that offer cash back rewards this particular card does not.  It’s specifically a starter card for newbies and people with poor credit.  

The online benefits you can expect are Identity Theft Resolution, Extended Warranty Coverage, and Price Protection.  These are basic benefits that are still good to have but minimal when compared to other credit card issuers.

Indigo Card Credit Limit

The average credit limit of the Indigo Mastercard is typically $300.  You may feel that this a low amount but for someone that does not have credit this is a good starting point.  For someone that is rebuilding their credit you already understand this amount is enough to get started again.

Do not be discouraged with the $300 credit limit because with responsible usage after 6 months or so you can ask for or earn an increase.  For now simply use the $300 credit limit and make small purchases and prove that you’re a responsible cardholder.