Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Restaurant Style Galouti Kebabs In 30 Minutes (Recipe Inside)


Kebab Recipe: Galouti Kebab is a popular snack in Indian cuisine.


  • Galouti kebabs are one of the most popular snacks in Indian cuisine
  • Galouti means soft
  • Here’s how you can make these royal kebabs at home

For a non-vegetarian who loves indulging in tikkas and kebabs, galouti kebabs that melt in your mouth would be a delight on the table! Although we have a wide variety of kebabs in addition to tikkas and much more, the popular and incredibly soft galouti kebab has a separate fan base. Straight from the kitchen of Nawab Asa-ud-Daula from Lucknow, known for his significant contribution to Lucknow’s culinary culture, Galouti-Kebab was a result of his fondness for kebabs. Legend has it that the nawab lost most of his prostheses due to age, but his love of kebabs hadn’t. So his khansamah began making a variant of kebab that was so soft that it could be enjoyed without chewing. And so galouti kebabs were born.

Galouti literally means “soft”, something that melts in your mouth. Galouti kebabs were made from the finest pieces of lamb, finely chopped and mixed with a heavenly mixture of over 150 exotic spices for the taste. They were a fried delicacy that once captured the hearts of nawabs and now dominates the snack platter of every dinner party. The only difference now is that while the Khansamah used around 150 exotic spices, it is seldom done today, mainly due to unavailability. Even so, galouti kebabs can be made at home with less exotic spices and in around 30 minutes!

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Galouti kebabs can also be made at home with less exotic spices and in around 30 minutes!

How To Make Galouti Kebabs Under 30 Minutes

With time, new techniques and innovations, people have started to reinvent the royal recipes according to their ease and availability of ingredients. We have a restaurant recipe of delicious galouti kebabs that use double minced mutton mixed well with spices and chili peppers before pan-frying. Spices such as kebab chini powder, red chili powder, ginger garlic paste, saffron, onion paste, gulab jal, besan and ittar are mixed with minced meat. Raw papaya paste is also added to the mixture for tenderization. It is then flattened into tikkis and fried in ghee! While most recipes let the mixture sit for a few hours, this recipe doesn’t require it if you mix the condiments and ground beef seamlessly.

The full recipe of the Galouti Kebabs can be found here.


You can combine it with coriander chutney or serve it as is.

Try these delicious galouti kebabs at home for your next dinner and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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