“I obtained inspiration after watching his health movies”


The Sri Lankan added that Hardik Pandya was his role model and that he had looked up to Pandya many times for inspiration.

Hardik Pandya gives Chamika Karunaratne a spare club. (Photo source: Twitter)

The Sri Lankan cricket team managed to comfortably beat India with 7 wickets in the third T20I, winning the three-game series 2-1. They limited India to a total of only 81 of 20 overs in the third run and pursued the goal with more than 6 overs.

And in addition to the series victory that Sri Lanka scored against India, another incident moved into the limelight. And that includes Chamika Karunaratne and Hardik Pandya. In an interview posted by Island Cricket’s Twitter handle, Chamika Karunaratne revealed that he is a huge fan of Hardik Pandya.

Karunaratne also stated that Hardik Pandya is his hero. The Sri Lankan also revealed how he managed to get a bat from Pandya too. Karunaratne had turned to Suryakumar Yadav and told him that he wanted a bat from Pandya. And it was Yadav who brought Karunaratne to Pandya and granted Pandya’s wish.

“Yes, I love him (Pandya). Suryakumar Yadav was the one who helped me with this. I just went over and asked him, I like talking to Hardik Pandya and I love taking a bat from him. And he said just do it, he’ll definitely give you. And when he told me I said no, no, and he said ask about it, and Yadav said to Hardik in Hindi that he was asking about a bat.

He (Pandya) asked me for the first time if you wanted a bat. I said no the first time, then he asked me if you want a bat and I said yes please. He gave me the bat and he’s a very nice person.

Chamika Karunaratne reveals the advice he received from Hardik Pandya

Chamika Karunaratne further revealed the advice he had received from Hardik Pandya. Pandya urged Karunaratne to be disciplined, improve daily and play his natural game. The Sri Lankan added that Pandya was his role model and that he had looked up to Pandya many times for inspiration. Karunaratne concluded by stating that the willow that Pandya gave him was a Class A bat, and he was happy to have a bat from him.

“He (Pandya) spoke to me and told me to play the game and be disciplined. Improve yourself day by day, learn and play the game the way you play and he told me so many things. And thanks to him. He was a role model for me because six to eight months ago I had a really hard time and I looked at his Instagram pictures and videos and how he trains.

I think he was a role model for me and I thank him again for giving me a nice racket to be honest. I think it’s a Class A racket and we don’t get that quality so I’m really excited to get a racket from him, ”concluded Karunaratne.

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– Island Cricket (@IslandCricket) July 30, 2021