How The PowerDot ESTIM Works


The PowerDot electrical muscle stimulator has 2 different models for customers to choose from, the PowerDot Uno and the PowerDot Duo or 2.0.  The difference in both products is the Uno can only treat one side of the body while the Duo can work on both sides of the body at the same time. With the PowerDot Uno you receive the following items and if you elect to get the just double the items received: 1 PowerDot device 2 sets of electrode pads 1 10cm and 1 25cm lead cable 1 micro USB charging cable 1 carrying case Download the mobile app with bluetooth connectivity The beauty behind the Powerdot is it connects to your smartphone and is controlled via the PowerDot mobile app.  You can control all of your settings and select your workout and recovery modes from your mobile phone. It only takes about 5 minutes to setup the entire system from your mobile phone to your body parts for massaging.  Follow the instructions and once you’ve paired the device to your mobile phone the next part is to attach a lead from the pod to a pad and fix to the body part you want to stimulate. You should experience the power of the pods stimulating your muscles while your mobile phone will be displaying information about the workout such as battery life, your progress, and you’ll receive reminders to complete your session. The same way it stimulates muscles it also exercises them such as your abs.  If you want a thorough ab workout place the PowerDot pads on your abs and select from the 5 workout settings. The beauty of the PowerDot Electrical Muscle Stimulation system is it’s portable and pairs with your smartphone.  It’s small and compact enough to take with you and give you the recovery you need after a hard workout.