Growing a Wholesome Lifestyle in Kerala by way of Sports activities with Cosmos Sports activities


The Covid-19 pandemic does not leave us alone and has been causing unrest around the world for some time. However, this pandemic has also made people aware of the need to stay healthy and fit. People have started to appreciate the value of exercise and exercise. It’s definitely a positive outcome from this pandemic. And to help people in their newfound fitness endeavors, Cosmos Sports has decided to improve their services through innovative and customer-friendly measures to make a healthy lifestyle easier for everyone.

Covid and sport

Maintaining fitness is an essential part of preventative health care, and exercise plays a critical role in maintaining or improving physical abilities and skills and making participants enjoyable. This understanding of sport among people was increased during COVID-19. This is one of the reasons why we at Cosmos Sports have seen bicycle sales increase more than 100% and fitness product sales increase more than 50% – said Abid Nishad, Executive Director, COSMOS SPORTS.

While the pandemic financial crisis continues, Cosmos is making every effort to offer high quality and affordable exercise equipment so that the maximum number of people can take care of their health by finding their interests in sport. They intend to do this by bringing in private label products. In addition to Sportano, the brands Lentus and Cosray currently belong to cosmos sports.

“Cosmos Sports currently sells around 8,000 sports equipment and promotes consumer fitness. In view of the ongoing Covid-19 situation and in order to make sport more accessible to more people, an e-commerce platform will soon be launched that offers customers a convenient shopping experience, ”said Abid Nishad, Executive Director of COSMOS SPORTS.

Over three decades of industry experience have helped Cosmos understand the types of interventions needed to empower the sports industry. Her current goal is to promote sports and activities with an emphasis on health in order to pursue a fitness-oriented lifestyle for all.

About Cosmos Sports

Cosmos Sports was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Kozhikode and is the largest sports and fitness retail chain in Kerala. It operates seven stores in Kerala and two stores in the United Arab Emirates. As part of the business expansion plan, a new showroom will soon be operational in Palakkad. AK Nishad, the chairman, and AK Faisal, the co-chairman, run Cosmos Sports to bring health and fitness benefits into the everyday lives of ordinary people. In February 2021, Cosmos Sports opened the first sports city of its kind in Malaparambu-Kozhikode, Kerala, to be equipped with a gym, soccer field and indoor badminton stadium. In the field of sport and fitness, Cosmos stands for excellence and reliability. They also have sports academies in Dubai and one of the largest sports multisport academies in the Middle East with an area of ​​over 150,000 sq. Feet is being built in Sharjah community commitment to healthy living.

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