Greatest health apps for exercises and coaching with pals


In May, Health & Wellness reporter Sonia Azad presented the best health apps. This week she’s talking about apps that focus on physical fitness.

DALLAS – In May, health and wellness reporter Sonia Azad released some of the best health apps out there.

She presented apps Mental health, Nutrition, and Meditation, and this week she’s focused on apps to help you stay fit.

Remember, no matter where or how you exercise, there are benefits to tracking and exercising with an app.

“Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, I think following a schedule will produce better results,” said Jimmy Nelson, Beachbody coach.

Nelson used to be 100 pounds overweight. He lost weight with the help of workouts at home. It’s proof that you don’t need a fancy gym to get results.

“This one-stop shop made me not like working out, really intimidated by a gym, but rather being that version of me who’s looking forward to it all the time! Crazy, I’ve changed who I am System, “he said.

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Of Beachbody on demand to other popular options like a Fitbit or Apple Watch, Technology that keeps you connected with friends and family helps with accountability. It can even drive a little healthy competition.

“For some people this is exactly what they need! Because they know my best friend around the corner or across the country, she set up hers to get mine in today,” said Nelson.

Also, remember what motivates you is not one size fits all. Whether you like to compete with others or just yourself, there is an app for that!

WFAA viewer Julie posted on Facebook that she loves this Peloton App, say “I almost feel like I’m in a real group class.”

Many busy moms love the Peloton because it’s comfortable, efficient, and not just for cycling.

“Just going outside with the dogs, I would go for a walk / run in the open sometimes and they put music on and it was great. The flexibility to use all aspects of the app was probably better than any gym that I’ve been. ” said Anjani Vasson.

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And knowing how hard it is to train the workout every day in order for your body to fully recover can be difficult on yourself, which is a reason WHOOP really took off.

“So I just got back from Barry’s boot camp and had a really good workout,” said Catherine Brownstein.

This app and wearable technology monitor heart rate variability and calculate your daily stress, sleep, and recovery so you know when to squeeze and when to retreat.

“When I’m very stressed, my heart rate variability drops and I definitely don’t sleep as well. I know then that I have to slow down and take better care of myself,” said Brownstein.

WHOOP has a monthly subscription fee, but as a paying user, Sonia can tell you that she is a huge fan.

Below is a list of other great fitness apps that you can try:

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