Girls lived luxurious existence and spent earnings on their buddies’ drug crimes


Luxury vacation in Dubai, a £ 60,000 BMW and loads of designer gear.

These are just some of the ways three women “lived the high life” by spending the profits from their friends’ crimes.

“Greedy” Mrs. Ellie Tobin, also known as Helen Hartley, her mother Ann Hartley and Kathryn Walker helped organized crime leaders by transferring thousands of pounds of dirty cash to numerous bank accounts.

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They went on extravagant vacations, drove expensive cars, bought designer clothes, and used the illegal income to buy new buildings, according to a court.

Brothers Alan and John Tobin were the masterminds of the smooth and successful operation until they were arrested by detectives from the Serious and Organized Crime Division of the Cheshire Police Department.

The women were arrested and charged along with Alan and John Tobin, Robbie Broughton, Simon Leech and Brian McQuillan after a raid in September 2020.

Ellie Tobin, 34, was married to Alan and spent between £ 120,000 and £ 150,000 in cash that benefited from his cocaine stores.

From March 2016 to March 2019, she deposited £ 220,344 in cash in a bank account.

Bank statements showed that £ 29,000 of that money was spent on luxury travel to Dubai, Thailand, Ibiza, Norway and a Caribbean cruise.

Around £ 6,000 has been spent on designer items and jewelry over a two-year period as of 2016.

Alan Tobin

Police also discovered she was buying drugs directly internationally and contacted a number in Columbia 30 times.

Her mother, Ann Hartley, 62, reported making £ 700 a year.

However, an examination of her bank accounts revealed that she benefited £ 97,000 from the cocaine shipment between January 2016 and April 2018.

The money was then transferred to Ellie Tobin’s account and used to purchase a home in Regency Park in Widnes, Cheshire.

Kathryn Walker, 36, was John Tobin’s partner.

Her bank account was used to deposit nearly £ 157,000 in cash from January 2016 to January 2020, the court was told.

Records showed she was paying £ 830 each month for a rental apartment.

An arrest warrant executed on their partner’s Liverpool address found that the couple led an extravagant lifestyle.

Four Rolex watches with a total value of £ 80,000 were found along with designer clothing and jewelry.

Walker also used the money from the criminal company to rent a property in Portugal, buy a BMW X6 valued at £ 60,000, and traveled to the Canary Islands, Dubai, Thailand and Spain from April 2016 to February 2017.

All three women were sentenced by Liverpool Crown Court on Thursday July 29th.

Ellie Tobin of Regency Park in Widnes was sentenced to nine months in prison after pleading guilty to possession of criminal property on Wednesday July 7th.

Ann Hartley, also from Regency Park, was sentenced to 20 months probation after pleading guilty to possession of criminal property on Tuesday, July 6th.

She also received 10 days of rehabilitation and 80 hours of community service.

On Tuesday 6 July, Walker, of Chamomile Close, Liverpool, was given two criminal property possession charges and sentenced to 16 months in prison with two years probation.

She received 15 days of rehabilitation and 80 hours of community service.

John Tobin

Detective Inspector Rob Balfour of the Serious and Organized Crime Division of the Cheshire Constabulary said: “Money and greed are the driving forces behind organized crime. We will always investigate people who cause misery and lavish lifestyles in our communities.

“All three women knew where the money was coming from and took full advantage of it by spending it on lavish holidays and merchandise.

“They have reaped the fruits of organized crime, led by family members who made their living doing extensive drug trafficking across the UK.

“These women couldn’t legitimately make the money they wanted or needed to lead the lifestyle they were quickly accustomed to, so they turned a blind eye to where the money was coming from and just kept on living.”

“Ellie Tobin’s jail sentence should be seen as a warning that if you don’t face what you’ve done, you risk jail time. Kathryn Walker and Ann Hartley have taken responsibility and their sentences have been suspended.”

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