Faculty buses present health certificates massive | Madurai Information


Madurai: All vehicles that have passed the safety checks will have a “ Fit To Take Students ” certificate clearly visible on them, except for the regular fitness (FC) certification for students in Madurai, District Collector S said Aneesh Sekhar. He checked the inspection and certification of school buses on Friday.
As high schools and secondary schools reopened, he said school buses on the streets would also increase. The district counted about 900 to 1,000 of them, but since only classes from the ninth grade had been reopened, there were about 250 buses. A committee examined the safety aspects and if there were any downsides, notices were issued and buses were not allowed to travel until compliance was fully observed, he said. The buses had to operate after all SOPs, including non-overcrowding. There was 100% vaccination of teachers. Students would be allowed to attend college classes even after taking a single dose of the vaccine. As a precautionary measure, many parents now use auto rickshaws to transport children instead of buses. Kavitha, mother of a grade XII student, said she was still not confident about allowing her son to travel. K Abdul, a motorist from Anna Nagar, said parents are willing to pay more to transport only three children at a time. “We see this as a good sign for the revitalization of our livelihoods,” he said. TNN